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Nyja Richardson, a vegan, full time social media and content creator, became a mother at 21. Today, Nyja has three parenting years under her belt and a very different perspective on motherhood from when she first became a mom. The 24-year-old Newark, NJ mom credits motherhood for her new outlook on self-care, strength, and endurance.  In her interview conducted by Christine Michelle Carter, Nyja explains some of the challenges and rewards of motherhood. Everything about Nyja’s life changed when she became a mother. Losing friendships, shifting priorities, surprises and major changes in routine are all things that Nyja had to come to grips with.

Nyja is adamant that giving birth to her son Nolyn gave her new life and that she learned patience she never had prior to giving birth to him. Self-Care as a concept also transformed for Nyja after she became a mother. Previously having mostly associated self care with spending money on spa trips and repeating affirmations, Nyja now finds that self care can be as simple and cheap as putting her son to bed early and having a glass of wine in the tub or simply having five minutes of quiet. Ultimately, Nyja believes that giving birth to her son has made her a better version of herself.

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Sneha Srinivasan

Sneha Srinivasan is passionate about working motherhood. She’s currently working as an assistant for Christine Michel Carter. Every two weeks, Sneha contributes to the newsletter sharing her best tips on how ambitious women can have rewarding careers AND be badass moms.