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Presentation is half the battle and in order to stand out amongst hundreds of resumes and applications, originality, succinctness and eloquence is key. Below is a short and sweet email template you can use to pitch to editors and media producers. To GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED, simply enter information relevant to your article pitch by replacing the blue text. 

SUBJECT: Your article on (what has the editor covered before that relates to your pitch? Cite a specific body of work.)

Hi (Editor name),

(Catching percentage/statistic related to the article topic). Wanted to run a story idea by you, as I’m (specific reason you’re qualified to write about the topic).

I have been featured in (places you’ve previously been published or places you’ve been interviewed, preferably with links to the pieces). As you frequently feature stories on (the topic you’re writing about), I thought you might be interested in chatting. I’m working to (why you write about what you write about… be passionate here!). My one sheet and speaker reel are attached (if you don’t have one, click here for an example).

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


(Your name)

That’s how to GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED! Please share your publishing success stories with me, and make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more tips.



Sneha Srinivasan

Sneha Srinivasan is passionate about working motherhood. She’s currently working as an assistant for Christine Michel Carter. Every two weeks, Sneha contributes to the newsletter sharing her best tips on how ambitious women can have rewarding careers AND be badass moms.