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I Tried Photo Therapy & It Changed How I View My Sexuality

A phototherapy session is rooted as equally in therapy as it is in photography. Amber Gillian is a photographer and licensed mental health therapist. She provides mothers, especially black moms, with an extraordinary experience. She believes that phototherapy can change the perspective of how women view their sexuality.

Women and sexualization

Often women and girls are heavily subjected to sexualization, especially Black girls and women. That is, looking at them purely through the lens of their sexuality, without regard to their action. And because of this, they feel insecure and self-conscious about their own body.

However, sexuality is how we feel about our bodies and our personal expression. It is an important part of who you are. Discovering your sexuality can be a very liberating, exciting, and positive experience. 

Also, Amber believes in the empowerment of mothers. She wants to ensure women feel valuable, strong, and beautiful. She has worked with different types of mothers. Some were undergoing IVF, had postpartum depression and postnatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Firstly, she listens to their challenges. Then, captures their truth through the camera. 

Christine Michel Carter

How phototherapy changed Christine’s perspective

Christine Carter had a wonderful phototherapy session with Amber Gillian. She was provided with a personal makeup artist and refreshments. Above all, her conversations with amber made her very comfortable.

Hence, this session made her understand how being body positive can help a woman tap into her sexual confidence. Most importantly, women don’t need a man to validate their sexuality.

“I had my first breakthrough with Amber. I equated starving my body to starving my children, which I would NEVER do. Yet here I was, doing it to myself under the guise of beauty. For the greater good. I realized I was living in the “greater good” already. I had a body that had produced two children, run 5Ks, and beat high cholesterol.”  Christine Michel Carter 

Above all, please understand, you are not alone. The trick isn’t to be like those perfect Instagram models and relate to them. It’s to respect and accept yourself the way you are. Phototherapy can change the perspective of how women view their sexuality.

How did phototherapy change Christine’s view on her sexuality?