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Author Christine Michel Carter wrote the quick bedtime read to help other working moms have a conversation with their kids about why they work so hard. Can Mommy Go To Work? is called a children’s book for working moms because Mommy is the main character, not her children.

Why Can Mommy Go To Work? Is A Good Children’s Book To Read

There is power in reading about someone like you. Many moms wish they had books and experiences that matched their lives when they were growing up. As a result, this book gives the children of working mothers that book and that experience. It is a quick, easy-to-read children’s book that the whole family can enjoy in the car on the way to school or at night before bedtime.

The Moments That Touch Your Heart in Can Mommy Go To Work?

Through the book child readers will see “the other side of the story”- why their moms work so hard and the sacrifices their moms must make. Parents reading the book will feel understood, loved, and appreciated, and will most likely see themselves and their career path in Mommy.

Reviews of Can Mommy Go To Work?

“After giving it to J to read, I noticed something I rarely ever see. J was COMPLETELY IMMERSED IN A BOOK. I saw him snuggled up in the loveseat DEVOURING this book like his Mom so often does in that same “Lovestyle” seat. Guess what else J did. HE READ IT AGAIN FOR A SECOND TIME! When I saw that, I said “Hold Up, Wait One…….MINUTE!” *Trick Daddy Vox*

What’s got my son so interested in this book? I immediately decided to read J’s book report to find out what was captivating him.”

-Sara Lovestyle

“Great book! Extremely relatable to myself and my child. As a working mom and primary provider for my child, my child understands that mom too has her moments of stress and frustration. I believe it’s essential for our children to interstate that grown-ups make mistakes too. We are growing and learning together in life. Most importantly, we value the importance of forgiveness along the way. Grateful to see this in a children’s book and so well illustrated!”

-Jennifer, Amazon Review

You can learn more about Can Mommy Go To Work? by visiting it’s page here.