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What is working mom burnout?

Feeling overwhelmed? Yes, being a working mom and having to kick ass at the workplace AND in the house is a 24-hour job that very little of us can handle with no hiccups. Feeling down? It’s ok. We are superwomen, but contrary to popular belief, we can’t do it all.

Working Mom Job Description

  • Manage a team of XXX colleagues, with goals to set them up for success in future roles.

    Kids aren’t kids anymore. They’re the number of colleagues we’re preparing for management. Did you know people are overwhelmingly more likely to learn soft skills like kindness and empathy from their mothers than their fathers- regardless of if she worked in an office or not?

  • Secure fewer opportunities to move up the ladder than childless female colleagues.

    Almost three-quarters of moms — and more than 70% of women without children — say mothers are offered fewer opportunities to move up the ladder than childless women. 82% of working moms cite barriers keeping them from leadership roles. 78% say they have to prove themselves more in the workplace.

  • Receive an annual salary 25% lower than male counterparts.

    In the United States, mothers working full-time, year-round make an average of just $0.75 for every dollar paid to full-time working fathers, according to a new analysis from the National Women’s Law Center.

  • Prohibits leadership roles, yet profoundly impacts how professional problems are approached.

    Tamera Mowry-Housley was asked in a Forbes article how being a working mom has affected her professionally. She said it definitely provided her with more patience and insight when she interacts with others professionally and affects how she solves problems professionally. Motherhood shows leadership ability.

  • Increases transferrable skills, but requires a professional penalty for starting families.

    42% of women worry motherhood will negatively impact their career trajectory or leave them unable to advance as quickly as peers. Women also are more likely to take on elder care and other care taking roles. More than 25 million women care for family or friends in the U.S., per The Hill. More than 70% of working mothers and fathers say women are penalized professionally for starting families.

  • Undertake life-changing role with no manual or performance review.

    Because really, when’s the last time you saw a manual for this? We’re parenting in the middle of a pandemic and the largest exit of women in the workforce since the ’80s!

  • Provides more patience and insight when interacting with others professionally.

    Because no one negotiates harder than a toddler! A working mom knowns empathy is a skill that can be learned and practiced to great positive effect for any individual using it, whether in a personal or professional setting.

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But in all seriousness, working moms are always running on the go, with their kids in tow and work thrown in the mix, leaving them little time to recharge. If you are a working mom or dad who has felt exhausted lately, it might be time to take some steps towards preventing burnout.

Here are some suggestions for working moms who want to avoid burnout!

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