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Feeling overwhelmed? Yes, being a working mom and having to kick ass at the workplace AND in the house is a 24-hour job that very little of us can handle with no hiccups. Feeling down? It’s ok. We are superwomen, but contrary to popular belief, we can’t do it all. Here’s how to handle occupational burnout as a working mom.

How can I know if I am already burnt out?

Occupational Burn outcomes a result of chronic workplace stress that you can’t manage, you can differentiate it from everyday stress when you feel more exhaustion than usual, or when you start to feel distant mentally from your job, and most importantly, you can notice burnout when you start having feelings of negativism or cynicism about your professional efficiency.

It spreads.

Occupational burnout affects women and working moms differently. We usually carry households on our shoulders on top of our 9 to 5 job, don’t worry is not “hysteria,” and you are not going crazy. It’s ok to feel what you feel when things become too much. Being overworked is real. Being exhausted from taking care of your family is a genuine feeling as well. Acknowledging the issue is your first step to becoming better.

Ask for help.

There’s no shame in recognizing that sometimes everything becomes too much. Ask for the help you need. Both in your house and at your work, ask for a fair division of chores and responsibilities. At work, talk to your superior (if you feel comfortable) or a coworker about it and go over how to create a healthier situation for you.

Take the matter into your own hands.

Sometimes talking about it can help but not solve the problem. In some cases, a change in your job position or a new job altogether may be the solution. Also, it can be smart to develop habits that help you manage your stress, more specifically self-care strategies. It also can be a good idea to establish a habit of taking mini-vacations over the weekends away from responsibilities to break away from the routine to help with burnout.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article on how to handle occupational burnout as a working mom.