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Here are some tips on how you can Handle Child Care successfully while working from home. 

  • Make time for yourself.  

You are no help to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Be sure to make time for yourself and do the things that make you happy. 

  • Learn how to not just do their homework on the computer but help to strengthen their computer skills.  

Now that schools are being hosted online students have to learn their computer basics if they haven’t learned already. This is the perfect time to help them strengthen their skills. 

  • Set boundaries 

 It is super important to remember how to separate family time from work time. Keeping a routine will help you stay grounded and not overworking yourself. 

  • Share your schedule with your family.  

Sharing your schedule with the family lets them know what time you plan to work and are available and when you are not. This will reduce the number of interruptions you have throughout your workday. 


They should build a better future by making a long-term commitment to significant public funding for this critical sector of the economy in order to ensure that all Americans can access high-quality child care they need. 

This is a compilation of various state policy changes made related to child care subsidy and payments in response to COVID-19. 

Nanny sharing is a situation where two families engage the services of a single nanny to care for their children. The families literally share the nanny. 

Child Care Assistance Programs -Government-funded assistance programs are available in every state to help families with the cost of child care.

When you need child care, it’s important to know what resources are available to help with child care costs where you live.