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How this Working Mom Learned to Pivot and Adapt

How this Working Mom Learned to Pivot and Adapt

How this Working Mom Learned to Pivot and Adapt?

By: Daniela Wolfe, Founder of Best D Life

My kids were about four and six months old. I was a single mom,  working full-time, trying to manage it all, do it all. I wasn’t great at asking for help and found myself irritable, snapping maybe a little bit more than normal. And I was burnt out, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I know I am not alone in feeling that way at different points in time. 

I recognized I was not in a healthy place. So I took a step back and saw something had to change. This was not the life I wanted to lead. This was not the person I wanted my kids to know.

Working Mom Learned to Pivot and Adapt

And so I started to “practice what I preach” as a Social Worker of 25 years and found a way to fit in different strategies, habits, and routines.  As well as, changing my focus and my mindset. By intentionally integrating the skills and techniques that I’ve been helping so many others with for years, I found that I was able to find that balance and happiness I was seeking – a little bit each day. 

It doesn’t come overnight. It’s not a quick fix. Through intentional changes, not just in one area, but across the different areas, you can live that balanced and happy life while still being a mom, a worker, friend,  a spouse, etc.  It’s something that can help you not only be happy yourself, but give more to your job,  your family, and be able to really make a difference in others’ lives. 

Some of the skills I folded into my life include the flexibility to pivot and adapt, as well as boundaries between work and home (even if you’re working from home).   It also includes having routines and habits to help automate regular daily tasks.  As well as, having the freedom to fit in fun and self-care – every day.

Some questions to ask to “check-in” with yourself to gauge where you’re at include: 

  • What are your priorities each day (3-4)? 
  • Do you have something fun scheduled each day? 
  • Do you have time for self-care (can be an AM/PM routine, reading, walking outside, etc)?  
  • Are you saying yes too often?
  • Do you have a set time you stop working? (that includes checking emails)

This is so important for mental health because not having this balance can increase stress, anxiety, and depression, which can be expressed as anger.  

Some things to put in place to help maintain a healthy balance include time management strategies, habits and routines, organization systems, movement, time outside, social connections, and sleep just to name a few. 


About the Author: Best D Life with Daniela – Helping You Find the Bliss in Your Busy

I help working moms reach their goals, manage daily tasks, and have some ease in their day!  We work together to create customized daily systems, priorities, and habits to live a more balanced, healthy, and happy life. 

Daniela has been a Licensed Masters Social Worker for over 25 years working with individuals on self-care, stress management skills, mindfulness, relationships, parenting and just managing all the craziness that life sends your way. She is also a busy, full-time working mom of 2 kids and has been in that place of stress and overwhelm and knows how important it is to take care of yourself to keep from getting to a place of burnout. Her mission is to empower all women to develop these skills to help them find peace, balance, and bliss in their lives. From the “I’ve got this” moments to the “ugh, I just can’t” moments. She can help you learn the skills to makeover your schedule and life one day at a time. Email –

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