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Inspiring My Kids to Follow Their Dreams By Making Them The Co-Founders of My Brand

StereoType was conceived from the love that I have for my boy/girl twins and being aware of their natural instincts, what brings them joy in interacting with the world outside our home and what they need in order to thrive. 

It wasn’t an easy decision to start a new business as a mom of very active boy/girl twins. But watching them share clothing from a very young age and mixing and matching items from each other’s wardrobes planted a seed in me. And that idea overtime began to grow bigger and bigger. My twins love to share clothing and their gender never stopped them from putting on what made them feel happy. And I never stopped them either.

They are literally the DNA of my company and my idea for the brand started to develop. I wanted them to see and understand my passion for starting this business and be a part of building it. Because of my kids, challenging and changing stereotypes lit a fire in me and my twins see that every day I work toward building my business. They see my passion and they understand my drive.

I learned a lot from observing my own mom when she sewed my clothes and it inspired me to be a designer years later. I love that my kids have that same opportunity and are observing my hard work and commitment to keep going, even when things get tough. Watching me create and build a business is an opportunity for my kids to see my passion unleashed and see me as more than just a parent, but as a force to go after what ignites me.

Allowing my kids to see me fully expressing myself gives them permission to fully express themselves – which is the premise of StereoType.

I have also learned that feelings of frustration and disappointment are okay! Having an in-home office means my kids witness all of the moments with my business – the moments when I’m feeling overwhelmed when a shipment or launch date is delayed, or a frustrating phone call.

They get to experience me during both the highs and the lows of running my business. While this can be challenging at times, it is also amazing. For instance, when I’m working away on something in my home studio, I can hear them playing outside, laughing, and having fun, and this gives me a deep sense of peace.

I know they are enjoying their childhood, climbing trees, swinging from branches, and exploring nature. They know I’m nearby quietly putting all the puzzle pieces together to build this business and at the end of the day they come up to my studio to see what’s new and share their thoughts and ideas with me. It’s such a beautiful collaboration. While it doesn’t always look perfect, I love all parts of this journey with my business and my kids.

I can’t balance everything perfectly but at the end of the day, I’m walking home hand-in-hand with my kids knowing that I gave it my all that day and that’s enough for me.

I see this as such a great opportunity to show my kids how to overcome challenges and how to be resilient in difficult moments while also letting them see me not trying to be “perfect” at everything all the time. This gives them permission to experience challenges and not feel the pressure to have everything always look good or be easy. 

As StereoType continues to grow, my kids have surprised and delighted me with their insights and excitement for the brand. I want them to see my hard work and I want them to be encouraged to follow their own dreams while knowing it takes determination and resilience to create something of their own. I see massive value in allowing my kids to be a part of the brand and play a bigger role in the day-to-day operations. 

StereoType is literally a labor of love. Just like birthing two tiny babies, I’m raising this business and my twins right alongside each other, they fit together perfectly. To be clear, it’s my brand and I do all the heavy lifting.

I don’t want my kids to feel responsible for any successes and failures that may occur, but I do want them to know the value of collaboration, support, resilience, overcoming challenges, and bouncing back from failures. Essentially being a human, and leaning into a big dream and showing them what it looks like to use your gifts to create something meaningful.

They are learning so much just by watching me and while it is not always rainbows and cupcakes, they know I’m having fun creating from a place of love, vision, and inspiration, and through this I want them to grasp that they can accomplish anything they put their heart into. 

We are deeply connected because of all the ways I have incorporated them into my business from the very beginning and this dynamic is truly a treasure I hold close to my heart. As I continue to climb this (metaphorical) mountain, stumble and lose my footing, they are there at the foot of the mountain, cheering me on: “Keep going mommy, just keep going.” And I will. 

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