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Mompreneurs and Working Moms Who've Been Featured on Shark Tank
Mompreneurs and Working Moms Featured on Shark Tank
Are you a fan of the show? Well here are some hands down AMAZING mompreneurs and working moms who’ve been featured on Shark Tank! First airing in 2009 on ABC, Shark Tank has become one of the most popular programs currently on television.  It has served as starting point for entrepreneurs of every stripe. So, you name it someone has probably come up with a pitch for it on the show.  One of the show’s greatest takeaways, however, has been the spotlight it’s placed on a myriad of “mompreneurs.”  Here are a few examples of working moms who have fought the good fight of entrepreneurship and come out victorious! 

Lori Lite

A freelance blogger, social media strategist, and parenting expert, Lori Lite and now an entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Stress-Free Kids. A line of books and CD’s meant to help decrease stress and anxiety levels in children and teens. 

Her books for children come from a place of stress in her personal life. Also, her kid’s erratic sleeping routine and their hyperactivity inspired her to find new ways to help them. Her solution came in the form of a book. Which teaches breathing and relaxation techniques. This is designed for children and parents to help them cope. In fact, when she took her idea to the sharks on the show Lori sold 50% of her business. To none other than real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran for 250 thousand dollars.  

Amanda Naqvi

A Connecticut mother of three, looking for a way to help raise her children in a positive way, she created KudoBanz, fun and educational “sticker system.”  So, by applying the “sticker chart method,” using wristbands that have attachable stickers featuring fun and wacky characters, to her parenting. Amanda also says her family environment has improved exponentially.  As a portable system, KudoBanz allows parents to reward their children in an engaging and easy way.  They are available to purchase on Amazon.

Lisa Marie D’Amato

Lisa Marie is no stranger to the spotlight.  Already an actress and winner of America’s Next Top Model, she recently walked a much different kind of runway. Impressing the sharks with her Dare-U-Go Bib pitch. How? This is a 5-in-1 food storage bib, brilliantly made for travel and convenience for babies and toddlers. Hence, this proposal was enough to win the confidence of Barbara Corcoran, who closed a deal of 350 thousand dollars in exchange for 35% of the company.  

As described on Lisa Marie’s website the Bib is designed as the “Ultimate” bib, Dare-U-Go! folds into a food storage unit that seals airtight. It catches food to help keep clothes clean, has built-in dividers so food doesn’t mix! (a spork is also included and the bib is microwave safe and dishwasher safe) You can pick up your own bib at Amazon.  It was also enough to win the confidence of Barbara Corcoran, who closed a deal of 350 thousand dollars in exchange for 35% of the company.  

Tanya Van Court 

Has created the legendary Goalsetter, a revolutionary and smart savings app allowing kids to set up a free savings account they can use to learn and prepare for their own financial goals. Van Court has created a company culture that stands for families and how they can better develop a financially stable future for their kids and how to teach them modern and smart ways to save up! Unfortunately, despite Tanya’s enticing pitch, the sharks didn’t bite.  However, the app is still readily available here

No matter what your idea is, an app of a baby must-have, mompreneurs have a special eye for a market that revolves around the needs of our kids. We are the best at being ahead of the curve, ahead of our kids, and the market!