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Mompreneur Conversations | The Los Angeles Tribune

Written by Lissarette Nisnevich

Mompreneurs are often juggling multiple tasks alongside parenting. Whether you’re a work at home mom (WAHM), managing a side hustle, or starting your own business, it can be hard to master the art of productive parenting when you’re this busy.  Some days it feels like my three-year-old needs all of the love, attention, and brain power I have!  After that, what’s left for my business?  Not much.

The next time you’re feeling burned out or unfocused, try these motivation tips to become the kind of mom boss your kids can look up to:

Rally the Pep Squad

Find cheerleaders in your life who actively support your dreams, celebrate every accomplishment, and help keep you accountable.  Be sure to tell them exactly what you need – weekly check-ins, motivational quotes, or a quiet pat on the back.  Online communications and meetup groups specifically aimed at mompreneurs are a great way to expand your circle.

Commit to Fifteen Minutes

Fill your fifteen minutes with planning, prepping tasks, or just scrolling mompreneur motivation feeds on Instagram.  Chances, are, once you get the ball rolling. you won’t want to stop.  If you’re still not feeling up to work after the timer ends, that’s okay!  Be kind to yourself and give it another shot the next day.

Erase Guilt with Gratitude

Guilt is toxic, especially when self-inflicted.  I personally feel ‘mom guilt’ for a lot of little things, like choosing to work on daycare plans while my son has to wait a little bit longer to go to the park.  Whenever you feel guilty about something you can’t do, write down two things you’re grateful that you were able to accomplish – both for your family and your business.

Maximize Your Productivity

Finding the right tools can make all the difference.  The next time you’re struggling to make sense of a messy planner, come up with a last-minute activity for the kiddo, or quiet your thoughts to fall asleep, pause and take action to fix it.  It sounds counterproductive, but taking a few minutes to try out a new app or organizational system is worth it.  Set up a better routine to maximize the time you have.

In Conclusion

As a mompreneur, I’ve learned that my ambitions and goals don’t have to take a backseat – they just need their own car seat.  My daycare and preschool businesses are like my second child.  I owe it to them, myself, and my family to give it my all!