Mindful Return

Mindful Return’s Maternity Leave Course is an e-course and online community. This sets professional women up for success and provides tools to confidently navigate life as a new working mother. Also, each session is cohort-based, allowing moms to connect in a safe space. In addition, this e-course is designed for women to go at their own pace. So that they can participate from anywhere at any time of day (including late-night nursing sessions).

Squared Away

Squared Away empowers military spouses to build meaningful careers. Also to be trusted assistants, and work from anywhere.

Hustle Hunters

Hustle Hunters is a Bay Area Recruiting Firm for parents and the tech companies that hire their hustle.


CoTripper is an all-in-one community and family travel booking platform for single moms.

Mom Congress

The U.S. mother’s rights membership organization is addressing the most pressing policy issues of motherhood.

Mom 2.0

A Conversation for Moms, Marketers, and Media


Sharing expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to women. Exactly when they need it.


The online home of Parents, FamilyFun, American Baby, and Parents Latina magazines.


This is a platform for young women to share their personal stories. Also, indulge in career, beauty, and relationship tips. Likewise, speak their minds on the latest in culture news and politics.

Women’s Bureau – Department of Labor

Empowering women through advocacy, education, and economic empowerment.

The Babysitter Guru

Watch youtube for more information.

Mother Honestly

An experiential and solution-driven platform that propels women forward in motherhood, work, and life.

Irvine Moms

Irvine Moms provides families the gift of time by helping inspire curated experiences in their community. Here, parents will find resources to help navigate activities and a monthly calendar to plan and help save them time. In addition, they have curated over 25 events and worked with brands to help amplify brand awareness. Also to create unique experiences for their parents in the community to engage and foster new friendships and support each other.

Totum Women

Totum helps modern women feel whole as they transition into and through motherhood. Right now, Totum is offering 20% off their Totum Treats. Hence, this tastes delicious and supports a new mother’s brain function and milk supply.

So visit their website to purchase for yourself or a friend. And also follow @totumwomen on Instagram for guidance, love, and support on your journey through motherhood.


This easy-to-use app is for moms and dads looking to connect with other like-minded parents, who feel they deserve to have just as much fun as their kids.