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2020 is the #YearoftheMother

#YearoftheMother is a movement that is fighting to get American mothers the support they need and deserve.

Christine Michel Carter, the creator of  Mompreneur and Me, supports and believes that this year truly is the #yearofthemother. Click here to get more information and participate in the movement.


ARTICLE: How Women Are Disproportionately Impacted By Lack Of Paid Leave

Four in ten (40%) mothers working outside the home say they must take time off work and stay home when their children are sick, and more than half report they are not paid during that time. Read the full article from Mom Congress.

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Finance Tips for Mompreneurs

Speaking of Cents: Nadia’s blog Speaking of Cents focuses on providing tips and resources for budgeting, saving and making money from home.  Check out this post that describes how she found a way to buy a home and pay off her mortgage in three years.

Catherine Alford: Catherine Alford is a personal finance expert who writes for moms looking to build strong financial habits, saving and budgeting.

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