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3 Ways To Deliver An Engaging 2019 Conference For Women Of Color

3 Ways To Deliver An Engaging 2019 Conference For Women Of Color
Christine Michel Carter, Kate Orseth, Kristi O’Brien, Elizabeth Scherle, and Chastity Garner Valentine onstage. At BlogHer 2018 Summit at Pier 17 in New York City.

Diversity has become a goal of many companies, at least outwardly. In this article, Christine guides a programming director, Henry, for an annual health conference. Henry has noted that event registration amongst women of color has seen a steep decline. Christine advises about how he can improve his programming team conference amongst women of color and better engage them.

Christine receives many emails like Henry’s and in her article. She offers candid, useful advice on how to build a conference that actually engages women of color. People often want to find a quick way to get women of color on the panels. Just for a few years in order to keep ticket sales up. The problem is that women of color will not engage with a company that only pursues diversity for the short term.

 BlogHer Creator’s Summit and BlogHer Health Conference are considered the largest and most diverse celebrations

When professionals only look at women of color as a potential revenue stream, it defeats the purpose of diversifying. So lets their target audience know that they do not actually care. A company, brand, or service must prove that they have a lifelong commitment to diversifying. Even though there is money to be made by better engaging with women of color.

African Americans alone have a spending power of 1.3 trillion, so companies that don’t try to reach women of color have a lot to lose. Teams like Henry’s must solicit feedback from women of color in order to better address their needs and move to make their voices integral to the structure of their business. Representation in the content provided must be consistently diverse in order to garner a diverse audience for the long-term benefit of both audience and brand.

To see the full range of advice Christine offers, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

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