5 Reasons You Need To Open A New “Thank U, Next” Bank Account

Millennial and global traveler Winnie Sabbat is the financial director of a multi-million dollar marketing firm in New York. She is the author of Petite-A-Petite: One Woman’s Journey Across the Globe in Search of Happiness. Winnie’s debut novel details her travels as a single woman, finding spirituality and happiness outside of religion and marriage. Winnie is set to graduate in May with an MBA degree from Fordham University at just 32 years old.

With her sharpened financial sophistication, Winnie makes it her mission to make companies and brands money. In her interview, Winnie gives five reasons to open a new bank account and set aside enough money to cover bills for at least a few months. Winnie firmly believes that every woman needs what she calls a ‘Thank U, Next’ or ‘F-You’ bank account so as to be confident in the career choices they make. Having seen firsthand what happens when people do not have the financial means to leave a situation or handle an emergency, Winnie has the experience to back up her reasons.

Winnie recounts seeing worthy employees get passed up for a promotion or a raise, because the higher-ups assumed that they had no other options and wouldn’t risk it. With this in mind, Winnie encourages people (especially women) to start saving up at least three months worth of income. According to Winnie, reasons to open a new bank account include being able to leave an unfulfilling job, taking care of ailing relatives, moving, launching your own business or leaving an unhealthy relationship.

Winnie’s five reasons will illustrate the need for a separate savings account and her advice will keep people out of situations where they would normally be stuck because of financial insecurity.

To learn more about Winnie Sabbat’s five reasons, visit 21ninety for the exclusive interview.

reasons to open new Bank Account

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