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Barbella Box CEO Explains How Her Subscription-Based Business Has Grown Sales Consistently—Even Amidst The Global Pandemic

Barbella Box CEO Explains How Her Subscription-Based Business Has Grown Sales Consistently—Even Amidst The Global Pandemic

Ella Ozery is the CEO of Barbella Box. A Florida-based subscription box company founded in 2015. Barbella Box delivers premium fitness apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, and more to women who exercise regularly.  

Their brand promise is that their subscribers will get the latest products in the fitness industry at a great value. That is without having to do the work of finding them. 

Though Barbella Box has only a handful of employees, the company has grown revenue year over year since 2017. 

Below, Ozery explains how her subscription-based business has grown sales consistently through pivoting, motivation, and innovation—even amidst the pandemic. 

Strategy to stay afloat amidst the global pandemic 

We focused on increasing sales as we were in the beginnings of the pandemic and, like many businesses, didn’t know what to expect. However, as lockdowns started and gyms closed their doors, we immediately pivoted from our initial box plans to include more at-home workout apparel, gear, and accessories. 

Barbella Box remained successful 

Subscription boxes are discovery boxes featuring products that elevate your specific lifestyle. Barbella Box grew significantly throughout the year because it provided some motivation and at-home workout gear. Since most people were stuck indoors and gyms were closed. 

Change in consumer behavior 

We recognized quickly that so many of our subscribers and target market refused to let the pandemic’s closures derail their fitness lifestyles. We created additional limited-edition boxes and mystery boxes filled with inventory from previous boxes for the months we sold out. 

Challenges as a result of the year-over-year growth 

It’s challenging to pinpoint the growth along with the sizes our members will request. As we’ve grown, we’ve also needed to order products further in advance, making forecasting even more difficult. We’ve overcome these challenges by creating an e-commerce store in addition to our subscription. 

Barbella Box partners 

We partner with companies of all sizes every month. We are lucky to have been able to collaborate with companies like Reebok, Nike, FLEO, Born Primitive, and more to create exclusive designs. We’ve also been able to partner with elite athletes who maintain large followings in the CrossFit space. 

What does innovation look like at Barbella Box? 

We leveraged social media to innovate Barbella Box: 

  • Creating a community of like-minded women through a closed Facebook group was something we found innovative in our space. 
  • Subscription boxes were also a way to get the latest new products and brands into our subscribers’ hands. 
  • Insert and sampling program for customers (companies) can include marketing inserts or samples in our boxes for a fee. 
  • Include a call to action and incentive for our subscribers to go back and purchase more directly through their website. 

Plans to continue innovating 

We are constantly testing out new technologies, platforms, and apps to find ways to help our business grow to new heights in the subscription and fitness industry. The fitness industry is constantly changing and evolving, and our team’s job is to continuously search for products that are making moves within it and are disrupting the industry. 

In addition, we work to deliver products that help solve a problem you didn’t even know needed solving. We want to be the first to bring them into our subscribers’ homes. 

Read more about the innovation and strategy adopted by Barbella Box. 


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