How Working Moms Can Find Weekend And 24-Hour Childcare

Most child care programs are designed to support parents who work the standard 9-5 hours Monday-Friday. However, like everything else, the norm is changing and more parents are taking on no traditional work hours. There is a need for more childcare services that last 24 hrs and aren’t just available on the weekdays.  Here

2020-2021 Childcare Cost By U.S. State For Working Moms

The demand for child care is constantly rising. Even before COVID-19 started, affordable child care wasn’t the easiest service to find. Now that we’re in mid pandemic, all schools are closed and most daycare centers are closed or in the process of reopening.  According to the Center For American Progress, “COVID-19 could lead to


Virtual COVID-19 Programming Events

Christine Michel Carter is now offering virtual programming events. These have become popular requests by corporations in lieu of in-person, planned Mother’s Day events. Work-Life Balance During the COVID-19 Pandemic Includes a virtual discussion about working during the stay at home orders, best in class examples of working from home, and how managers and

How To Assess Talent And Conduct Annual Reviews During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, employers may be shying away from reviewing employee performance, preferring to deliver feedback in person as opposed to over the phone or in a virtual video conference. But employees are gauging right now whether their manager and their employer are treating them with respect and care. They’re also making decisions now