I Tried Photo Therapy & It Changed How I View My Sexuality

A phototherapy session is rooted as equally in therapy as it is in photography. As a photographer and licensed mental health therapist, Amber Gillian provides mothers, especially black moms – with an extraordinary experience. She believes that phototherapy can change the perspective of how women view their sexuality. Women and sexualization Often woman and

Case Study: The Impact Of Black Buying Power On Consumer Categories,

Case Study: The Impact Of Black Buying Power On Consumer Categories

It seems like America is finally opening its eyes to see that racial inequality still exists. Racial inequality certainly exists in education, employment, health-related sectors, and even consumer markets.  In recent years some black consumers took it upon themselves to exclusively shop local and buy black. To explain further, African Americans make up just

The White Parent’s Guide to Raising Anti-Racist Children

One way to ensure that everyone’s commitment to dismantling racism is, prioritizing raising anti-racist children. However, the question is how to engage your children in talks around race. The best way white parents can lead to impactful and meaningful conversations with their kids to dismantle racism.  In other words, being intentional about how you engage