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DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: What have you been grateful for during this pandemic?    

What have you been grateful for during this pandemic?    

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DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: What have you been grateful for during this pandemic?    

The Global pandemic, COVID-19 has led to the loss of human life worldwide. It has also caused economic and social disturbance everywhere. In addition, millions suffer mentally, emotionally, and financially all around the world. And it’s really important to support each other during this unpredicted disaster.

So please share your pandemic experience and what have you been grateful for during this pandemic.

Global Status of Working Moms in the Wake of COVID-19

With COVID-19 vaccinations now being administered, and with the pandemic hopefully edging towards its conclusion in the coming months, can the full scope of economic toll be accurately assessed?  The situation has at least shined a light on the plight of a demographic too frequently undervalued all around the globe. And fortunately, some progress has been made to improve conditions for working mothers.  There will hopefully be at the end of the tunnel, not only relief from a deadly virus but a stronger focus on social justice.

Millennial Working Parents and the Impact of Covid-19

Round after round of climate change-induced natural disasters. And now that 2020 is over, Americans are facing an economic downturn not seen since The Great Depression. Job prospects for millennials were already low after The Great Recession of 2008. That reality has worsened because of Covid-19 induced business closures and layoffs. Many of 2020’s issues can be linked back to Coronavirus. No one can know the future, but it’s safe to assume that Covid-19 has left a lasting impact.

Women of Color Feel Overworked and Helpless During Pandemic

The United States economy lost 140,000 jobs in December 2020. Shockingly, women lost 156,000 jobs while men gained 16,000. In January, another 275,000 women vanished from the workforce. While the overall unemployment rate fell to 6.3% last month, it rose to 8.5% for Black women aged 20 and older. Hispanic women were at 8.8% and white women the lowest at 5.1%. So why do Women of Color Feel Overworked and Helpless During the Pandemic?

We Asked 10 Mom Influencers How 2020 Affected Their 2021 Goals

At this point, phrases like “2020 is the worst year of all time” or “I’m so over 2020” seem overused. However, we keep hearing about 2020 because this year was truly an unexpected turn in everyone’s lives. It had a large impact on a lot of us, derailing or changing our goals for 2021. To delve deeper into this impact, we asked 10 mom influencers how 2020 affected their 2021 goals.

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