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Do Black Women Need Doulas More Than Anyone?

Black Women Need Doulas

A huge thank you to all the women who contributed to this very important Parents piece on black mothers. But I’m indebted to U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for providing her personal response just hours after her political announcement. But that just goes to show her unwavering commitment to black moms.

Why Women Use Doulas

The term “doula” was first coined by medical anthropologist Dana Louise Raphael, Ph.D. She believed nonmedical caregivers could “mother the mother,” assisting during and after delivery. Today doulas offer continuous support during the entire length of labor and beyond, compared to doctors and midwives who may not be as accessible or present.

Barriers to Access

New mom Kristian Henderson, Ph.D., hoped to use a doula for her pregnancy, but financial barriers prohibited it from happening.
I always imagined that I would use a doula. But I didn’t realize that most insurance plans do not cover doula costs,” said Dr. Henderson, 31, who is in her third trimester of pregnancy and plans to give birth at home with a midwife.

Advocating for New Moms of Color

In some cases, doulas are relieving some of the stressors that have a direct impact on the health of a fetus. They are supporting the government and medical practices to reduce postpartum depression and infant mortality, and thus saving Black lives.

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Black Women Need Doulas

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