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By: Jessica Sitani

Feeling overlooked, micromanaged, or patronized aren’t great feelings to experience anywhere, especially in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, those were all feelings I experienced when I worked at my 9-5. At the end of 2019, I was told that starting in 2020, I would need to change my morning shift to a night shift. This meant that I’d work until ten at night. It’s important to note that even if I could’ve, I wouldn’t have. It was not aligned with my values or priorities. And, as tough as it was, I knew I needed to look for a new job.  

A couple of weeks later, I was offered a job that seemed to value work-life balance. The pay was incrementally lower than my previous job, but I valued being home in the evenings with my husband (no children at the time), so I took the offer.

Unfortunately, I realized this job micromanaged every hour (even to the minute) of my day. It was a very unhealthy place to be. My mental health took a toll. My anxiety was insane, I dreaded waking up to work, and I felt lost, hopeless, and desperate to find something new. 

Connecting The Dots Backwards

In hindsight, I can now connect the dots and see how all these experiences were blessings in disguise.

As overlooked, patronized, and micromanaged as I felt, I knew I was meant for more. My deepest desire was to make great money, all while doing something I loved from the comfort of my home. And the best part, I longed to be home with our future babies. This meant to be present for all their “firsts” – first giggle, word, crawl, etc.

I knew this job or . . . really, any job couldn’t give me that freedom. So, I did what I knew best:

  • I prayed
  • I Googled
  • I YouTubed

All my searches stated, “What can I do from home that will get me a lot of money?” 

The first thing that came up was becoming a virtual assistant. I researched and took the leap of faith by investing in a program that would teach me how to become a virtual assistant. Three months into the program, I quit my job before I was making any income, then four weeks later, I made double the amount I’d ever made!

Since then, I’ve pivoted my business from being a virtual assistant to becoming a Mindset Coach to now being Mompreneur Coach. 

A little backdrop, before my business was ever in mind, in 2016, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science & Psychology, and in 2017 I got certified and coached dozens on mindset and behavior. So, as you can imagine, coming across mindset coaching quickly swept me off my feet. I instantly knew this was exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know it existed.

Not An Overnight Success: The “how” Will Come

Mama, none of this happened by coincidence, nor did it happen overnight. I’m no different than you. I simply took action. I was open to new opportunities. I was willing to get uncomfortable by taking a leap of faith. All in all, I allowed my circumstances to teach me something, even when I didn’t know what I was supposed to learn.

So, why does this matter to you? Because you can also achieve your goals and dreams. 

Don’t worry about “how” you’ll get there.

The “how” will come as you show up for yourself every day – even when you don’t feel like it or have no idea where to start.

Trust me, I had no idea how I would achieve my goals, I just knew what I wanted, and I did what I knew best: prayed, googled, and made decisions.

Mama, take action on what you already know and be open to new opportunities. You are meant for so much more. You are not working a 9-5, so others can micromanage, overlook, or patronize you. You are in control of yourself.

Where To Start & Points To Remember

I know, I know, you may be thinking, “but I can’t quit; I have kids to feed and bills to pay.” I understand. I’m not saying to quit right now. But, what I am saying is to start getting clear on your vision (i.e., goals & dreams), then focus on your strengths. Here’s where you can start, ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What experiences have helped me to this point in my life?
  • What education or certifications do I have?

As you are working through these questions, remember the following:

  • If you can’t think of your strengths, ask someone who admires and respects you. 
  • All of your life experiences are valid.
  • Don’t get discouraged by the last question because you don’t need a degree to start your business.
  • Even though the first step is hard, it’s the most important.
  • Your thoughts amplify your fears and doubts. 
  • The best way to overcome fear is to take action – once taken, you’ll see that it wasn’t as scary as you thought it would be.

Better Than Envisioned

Now, I’m absolutely in love with what I do. As a Mompreneur Coach, I help mompreneurs simplify their lives from the inside out (mindset, self-care, decluttering, and time management). I do this by helping them regain control over their mindset & behavior, maximize their time with structure and purpose, fuel themselves with powerful self-care routines, and show them how easy it is to declutter and beautify their homes with simple daily tips. 

In addition, I’ll be releasing my very first podcast for mompreneurs in February of 2023, and very soon, I’ll launch my course called “A Fulfilled Life Made Simple” for mompreneurs as well. This wasn’t in mind when I struggled at my 9-5 job or when I started as a virtual assistant even though I didn’t know the “how,” it slowly presented itself as I moved forward.

Make decisions, take action, and a year from now, you’ll be grateful you did!