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As working mothers, we must know certain crucial aspects to keep our grind on point. Here are 10 productivity tips for working moms and mompreneurs!

1. Do the research.

Plan your project carefully and thoroughly. Impulsive decisions are sometimes good, yet it may be best to plan for business and production. While you still have your current job, use a portion of your time and energy towards developing a personal life plan, what you want your project to be. Create your brand and start to build a name for yourself!

2. Organize.

Planning and organizing may sound similar, but they mean different things. Organize your tasks, assign specific weeks to specific tasks such as promoting, pitching ideas, making more of your product, buying more materials, etc. Make a to-do list and see your work progress as you go. Take one step at a time, but take it firmly and confidently.

3. Budget wisely.

When you have a family to worry about, it easy to think going freelance or just depending on an only salary (i see you out there, single moms!) may be risky if you don’t get done what you need to do. I may sound like a broken record, but organizing is critical! If you budget smartly and save up, you’ll be able to make a SafeNet for yourself. Save up for a rainy day or to make the transition from your current job to your new adventure!

4. Make it family-friendly.

Productivity is easier if you optimize it for team players. Make your family your squad and make everyone play their area! If you consider a majority (55%) of U.S. mothers with children younger than 18 at home are employed full time, it’s essential everyone helps at home. The same goes if you are looking to optimize the work you do for your brand! Get your family in the office mode and assign tasks, not only it’ll be beneficial for your kids and partner to gain new skills and take part in an important aspect of your life, but it’ll also help you to optimize the amount of work you get done!

5. Recycle.

Green ideas are the new black, and using recycled materials may sound like an extra job, but it may end up being the cheapest and most moral option! Use things you already have at home to produce eco-friendly products! People are joining the green wave, and planet-friendly popularity may be the best hype to hope on!

6. Take 5 from time to time. 

If you can allow yourself to, don’t set the bar too high. It’s not always necessary to be a production queen 24/7, 364 days a year. Give yourself a break. Keep running things smoothly, but surely.  Get done what necessarily needs to be done. Saying “no” can decrease stress-related incidents in the workplace, which often leads to preventable aggression or violence. 

7. Stay strong.

It’s known for a fact happy employees hit their stride in a comfortable work environment, and only 7% of workers say they are most productive in an office. So create for yourself a  space you need to produce good quality work. Don’t be afraid to take that step and persevere overall. Don’t doubt yourself about your needs to work efficiently and keep your head held high.

8. Know your public.

Know your product and your areas where you are stronger, and when you are in unknown territory, don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll never look dumb for wanting to learn. Show what you can do best and make it shine. Your consumer/ boss will appreciate it.

9. Make your work worth it. 

Long has been the time when working mothers and women have not been paid what their time and professionalism are worth as reported in November by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, during the last 40 years, women’s average annual number of hours in paid work increased substantially, while average hours worked by men during the same period declined only marginally. Don’t be afraid to ask for your fair share of what you do, don’t be scared to put an excellent price tag on it. Your time, experience, knowledge, and work are 100% worth it. You produce it. It’s only fair you get your time’s worth.

10. Production endless days.

 Despite the professional increase, women still tend to spend more time on unpaid household and family care work. Stop measuring production by the hours you can stay up. It’s never about the quantity but the quality of your work. Make your unpaid work at home fair for everyone so that you don’t overwork yourself. It’s true. We don’t get to punch out of being a mum when your kids go to bed or school, so make your rights worth and stand your ground at home, so a quality product at your job and home is done.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article on 10 productivity tips for working moms and mompreneurs!