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how to start a mommy and me business

Starting your own business, and being the administrator of your own time, and your schedule is often very appealing. Even more so in COVID times, it’s known for a fact that managing your job from home might be a hassle as well. So why not start your mommy and me business to improve your finances, stress levels, health, and overall quality of life?

Let me guide you through the first steps!

Working Moms and Time.

At first, starting may be stressful and may take more time than expected, but once everything starts to settle down, you should organize your work hours during your children’s school time or while they are out of the house. Even better, you may be interested in starting a business you can manage fully via remote so you can work while everybody at home is in bed and allows you to be a full-time mom during the day.

Another option is to find a business you can run during the weekends and manage remotely. So, it’s not much in-person stuff you have to deal with, and you have more time to spend with your kids.

Be Smart About Money.

Don’t panic. Most businesses in their first year out struggle to make even their initial investment, and with a family as a responsibility, it may get tricky at first. Budget wisely, think carefully about organizing your investment and make your product or service value their worth. It would help if you were realistic about how much you want out of your business.

Even more so, use technology to your advantage, and automate your retirement plan contributions and deposits to savings accounts, so the money comes out of your paycheck before you even see it. As for your spending, websites and apps such as Mint, Acorns, and Digit can help with things such as tracking your spending, investing, and automatically transferring funds to your savings account.

Find a balance.

I’ve often said motherhood didn’t hurt my career; it helped it. The experience gave me clarity and allowed me the opportunity to tackle business challenges with a new perspective. Similarly, I believe my workplace management style has fused with my parenting style. That’s the key to being your boss and a working mom: balance.

Combining your work with your family life carefully enough so you know how to make everything run smoothly, set schedules, make your own time separate from your family life so you can work efficiently, and be the best boss mom you know how to be.

Plan in advance.

Make a five-year plan to start your mommy and my business. Plan realistic goals and achievements you want for your business. This will help you both with motivation and inspiration. Expand your business and plan to reach different and new areas. Think about the bigger picture to build your name into a brand.