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How To Become A Mompreneur

A mompreneur is a mother who is also employed or operates a business. A mom executive is a mother who also manages a team of professionals at an organization. They do not necessarily have to be a business owner, as many working mothers are building their own personal brands while working for another company.

Working moms have balanced work and family for ages, but sometimes finding our true passion can take us a while. Becoming an entrepreneur as a mother is risky yet thrilling. Here’s how to become a successful mompreneur.

  • Organize.

Deciding to start your own business is never easy, especially when you have a family. Yet, if quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that if you’re organized, it’s pretty much possible to do more things than you have ever expected. Being a working mom demands us to do a lot of different things, and being a boss mama is no different. It may be hard at first, but, once again, when organized, everything is possible!

  • Get your family behind you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has mothers struggling to juggle their responsibilities as house managers, employees, global citizens, and now child educator. This is why you have to get affairs in order prior to an official launch, no matter what your business idea is. Find partners to help you, have a calendar, make budgets and estimates. Set a schedule for your kids and make arrangements with your partner, so everyone in the household is invested in the business!

  • Embrace your fears.

Things will initially seem scary, and your first instinct may be to back down, but DONT! Have patience. Everything will work out! Pay attention to what people need right now, and make a plan for your business to act upon their needs. Remember: mompreneurs are queens. A queen has a healthy and abundant relationship with money. Organized and empowered queens take action. She takes personal responsibility for her team and her own life, knowing that everything is happening for her, not to her

  • Leverage your matrescence.

For years babies have been the focus of pregnancy and motherhood. But in his works, American psychiatrist and psychoanalytic theorist Dr. Daniel Stern proved that becoming a mother is an identity shift for the woman. This shift- matrescence- is one of the most significant psychological changes they will ever experience. Though moms are proven to be valuable in the workplace, statistics show that mothers cited employer conditions not being conducive or supportive of working and parenting for various reasons.  Almost three-quarters of moms — and more than 70% of women without children — say mothers are offered fewer opportunities to move up the ladder than childless women.

“Mompreneur” may sound like a cliché word, but it’s a mighty label we need to use more. We manage our families, we manage our house, AND we operate our business.  Mompreneurs are a great example of leading working women and role models. Just remember that you got this.