fun fact about yourself

By: Cora Gold

How many times have you been on a Zoom call or in a meeting and everyone had to go around the room answering the question, “tell me a fun fact about yourself?” You know everything you like to do of course, but have never had to think of all of those 1,248 things on the spot! Here are some unique, creative, and appropriate ways to answer the question: “tell us a fun fact about yourself.”

1. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love to bake!”

Because… who doesn’t! Creativity can express itself in numerous ways, especially in the kitchen. Borrow a cookbook from a loved one or browse recipes for desserts online. This activity may require an investment in new cookware like pans or mixing bowls, but they’ll last for years and help you maintain your long-term mental well-being if this becomes an activity you enjoy. You’ll love the freedom that comes with decorating cakes and cookies with icing and sprinkles. It’s also rewarding to try a new recipe and make something delicious. Boosting your self-confidence may be all you need to get back into a positive frame of mind.

2. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I play/ used to play an instrument!”

Picking up a guitar or playing a keyboard will jumpstart your mind after a period without any creative activities. Research shows that playing an instrument uses almost every part of your brain, so you’ll stretch your mind in new ways that will help you withstand any challenge. Start learning that instrument you never got a chance to try or find a budget-friendly option like a harmonica if money is tight.

3. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love to sew!”

Making a shirt is just the start of your next creative journey. You can express yourself by making unique clothing or accessories once you learn the basics of sewing. The sound of a sewing machine and the step-by-step accomplishments will help you feel more self-assured when depression is a dark cloud over your mental health.

4. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love origami… and making it too!”

You might picture painting or drawing when you think of being creative, but origami is an art form, too. Follow online guides or books to practice this form of expression and create fun or breathtaking figurines. You could start with printer paper and move on to more decorative kinds and origami tools if you fall in love with this art form. Focusing on the practice will help your mind settle and get you through whatever life throws at you.

5. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love to knit!”

You can make anything once you understand the basics of knitting, so it’s one of the best creative activities to boost your mental health. Knit fun hats, sweaters, stuffed animals and more whenever you want to improve your well-being. It’s a quiet activity that’s best for anyone who needs to pause their busy life. It’s also something you can bring on the go, so you can knit during your lunch break at work or in between university classes.

6. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I’m an amateur photographer!”

It’s challenging to stay in a good frame of mind when you’re stuck in a stressful or sad situation. Taking up photography will help you get back out in the world and appreciate all its beauty. You’ll return home with a new perspective and something to share with your loved ones.

7. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love makeup!”

Experimenting with makeup is another way to feel more confident. Follow beauty vloggers or take local classes to learn the best techniques and products to celebrate yourself with creative makeup designs. You’ll remind yourself of your inherent worth and beauty, ultimately overcoming negative thoughts that might stem from depression or other mental health conditions.

8. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I love decorating my house with the pottery I create!”

Putting supportive people in your life is an excellent way to strengthen your mental health. Sign up for a pottery class to meet new friends and try a different hobby. You’ll have an instant ice-breaker with your potter’s wheels and feel less alone by the time class ends.

9. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “Coloring makes me very zen.”

Pick up a coloring book the next time you’re at a craft store. You could also print a picture and color it without leaving home. Coloring is a form of mindfulness, so studies have found that it relieves anxiety and depression symptoms for people suffering from deteriorated mental health. Spend a few minutes coloring every day, and you’ll feel the relief in no time.

10. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I’m a candlestick maker!”

Not interested in coloring? Focus your mind and slow your breathing while making candles. The process has limited, repeated steps that are easy to do without thinking. Pick your favorite candle containers, like mason jars, and wax in a color you’d like. Your mental health will also benefit from aromatherapy as you mix your preferred essential oils into the resin.

11. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I find comfort in journaling!”

Sometimes people feel their mental wellness deteriorate when bottling up their emotions. It can be a survival tactic used to get through stressful times that are out of your control. If that’s how your brain handles stress or trauma, journaling can be a great outlet.

You don’t need to be a writer to start a journal. Use each entry to record your stream of consciousness or vent about your feelings. You’ll likely feel more at peace after getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, whether you write a few sentences or multiple pages. Anyone who doesn’t like writing things by hand could also use a journaling app on their phone or open a blank document on their computer.

12. A Fun Fact About Yourself: “I’m a creative writer!”

There are a few ways that creative writing will improve your mental health. Think of a story with a particular theme or a nonfiction essay subject that’s close to your heart. It might be what you’re dealing with that’s causing your stress, anxiety or depression.

When you start writing about characters dealing with the same issues or a nonfiction narrative that walks the reader through your experience, you’ll process everything in real-time. Mental health conditions get much worse when your brain can’t process something you’re currently experiencing or recently went through. 

Try different genres to see which ones you prefer. You might find that you have a hidden talent for writing or don’t enjoy it at all. Either way, you’ll get one step closer to maintaining a more balanced mindset.


Use these creative activities to answer the question, “tell us a fun fact about yourself” whenever you’re stumped on what to say. Even if you’ve never tried some before, with some trial and error, you’ll learn more about yourself, find solutions that make life better and experience things you would never have thought about otherwise.


Jaclyn Strauss

Every two weeks, Jaclyn contributes to the newsletter sharing her best tips on how ambitious women can have rewarding careers AND be badass moms. Jaclyn Strauss, CPA is a mid-level executive for a Fortune 100 company with multiple passions. She is the founder of her own company called My Macro Memoir and has become a leading efficiency expert by putting her skills and knowledge to work by creating a secure place for families to digitally organize themselves with the thinking done for them. Jaclyn leads with her heart in all that she does and has a passion to serve the greater good of her local community and beyond.