How New College Students Are Earning Money In The Gig Economy

Side jobs are merely defined as a job performed in one’s spare time, according to FlexJobs. With this explanation, it’s no wonder the people most likely to have a side job are those aged 18-26, older members of generation Z and younger millennials working side jobs to pay for their education. This is the case for over half of college students, who on average work a minimum of 27 weeks a year. College students are actually in the prime position to take advantage of the gig economy because of their familiarity with technology, their relatively flexible schedules and their lack of working professional expenses. Many jobs in the gig economy also do not require a college degree, making those jobs perfect for young people trying to make extra money.

Notary singing agent is one job that is resonating with those pursuing a side gig, because it does not require an undergraduate degree. Notary signers work in the real estate field and facilitate closing loans for the mortgage finance industry. Notary agents make sure that the client understands and that the paperwork is filled out properly before closing the deal. These agents also tend to work on weekends, making it an even better side job for students.

To learn more about students working side jobs as Notary agents, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

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