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Nola Darling Inspired These Multivitamins For Black Women

About The Creator

Tonya Lewis Lee, the Executive producer of Netflix’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It, is an advocate for women’s and infant’s health. She is a film and TV producer, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 2. She is also passionate about black women’s health. With black women in mind, Lee created Movita multivitamins in 2018.  A line inspired by her Netflix show’s protagonist. This is to help women gain a baseline of good nutrition and practice positive choices. Choices that support a lifestyle of well-being.

About Movita Multivitamins

Movita products range from prenatal vitamins to fill nutritional gaps for the baby and mother to beauty multivitamins. This line of multivitamins is made with whole food, vegan ingredients so they can be taken with or without food. Since they do not contain gluten, shellfish, or nuts, these multivitamins are also non-allergenic for most people.

“We are also understanding that when we come together to share our stories around our beauty and our birthing, we can help each other be as healthy as we can be.”

About The Inspiration and The Mission

Tonya Lewis Lee believes that Nola Darling, the protagonist of ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ and the inspiration for Movita multivitamins, embodies the ‘Movita Life’. By practicing self-care, engaging in activism, spending time with supportive people, working out, and attending therapy.

Also, Nola’s devotion to living her best, healthiest life is what Tonya Lewis Lee wants to inspire in every black woman. And for Lee, the Movita life is about making those decisions that are best for one’s health and well-being.

Lee believes that black women should have spaces that will allow them to share their stories. Stories about their beauty, their birthing, and their overall health in order to promote black women’s wellness. Beyond that, Lee wants black women to know that someone is listening to their concerns and doing actively trying to address them so black women can live beautiful, healthy lives.

According to Lee, in order for the black community to continue in their fight for equality, first, they must be as healthy as possible and Movita seeks to help make that happen.

Learn more about Lee’s line of multivitamins made for black women and inspired by Nola Darling at 21ninety.

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