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Most child care programs are designed to support parents who work the standard 9-5 hours Monday-Friday. However, like everything else, the norm is changing and more parents are taking on no traditional work hours. There is a need for more childcare services that last 24 hrs and aren’t just available on the weekdays.

 Here are 3 Possible Solutions to Help You Manage Child Care 24/7:


  • Inquire about child care assistance at your workplace: One of the main reasons it is difficult to return back to work for most moms is because there are very little options for child care services during the time frame needed for her to go back to work. However, more and more companies are offering  child care assistance  right in the workplace. While businesses are being pretty considerate and understanding in terms of their employees needs and circumstances, introducing the topic of child care services in the workplace is a good idea.



  • Higher College/ High School students: Students with after school jobs are dying to make money and they’re leveraging their skills to remain financially stable. You can; set up a regimen that allows them to babysit your children and they can virtually tutor or help them with their school assignments.



  • Develop a nanny share arrangement: Nanny sharing involves two families who split the cost of a nanny.



Below  you can also find links to 24 hour  child care resources for you in your state.

Child Care Resource Center:

211 Child Care:

Infant Toddler Family Day Care: