Meet The Black Millennial Bringing Diversity To Stock Photography

Atlanta, millennial mom Neosha Gardner is looking to address a major issue in the world of stock photography, a distinct lack of pictures of people of color. Gardner established CreateHER Stock in 2015, after becoming progressively more fed up with the inability to find images of people of color which weren’t stereotypical, cliché, outdated or unstylish. With this in mind , Gardner seeks to bring diversity to stock photography with her own stock photo company called CreateHER Stock. In her attempt to bring diversity to stock photography, Gardner targets African-Americans and Latinos, who represent a very small portion of those employed in advertising and communications. 4.1% of those employed in that field are black and 12.3% are Hispanic or Latino.

White people are the majority in America, but black and Hispanic people are large minority groups and representing them in advertising is key. African American and Latina women have a combined spending power that will reach 3 billion. Niche and mainstream publications stand to benefit a great deal from Gardner’s brand and Gardner herself stands to gain much by filling in the gap left by mainstream stock photography. CreateHER Stock has seen annual profitable growth since its’ inception, from 12%-23% in the span of three years. Getty Images, a worldwide distributor of stock photography, has an annual income of 800 million dollars. If Gardner grasps even a fraction of that market her financial gains will be substantial. Those who subscribe to CreateHER Stock can will gain access to hundred of free photos and thousands with a premium subscription.

To learn more about Gardner’s Diverse Stock Photography, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

Diversity To Stock Photography

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