Meet The Black Millennial Lawyer Making Michelle Obama More Accessible To Baltimore’s Youth

Alicia Wilson is a black, female millennial lawyer who was born and raised in Baltimore City. Alicia serves as the Senior Vice President of Impact Investments and Senior Legal Counsel at Covington Impact Investments LLC. Alicia also serves in a volunteer role as Chairman of The Board for the CollegeBound Foundation, a non-profit working exclusively out of Baltimore to help students pursue a post-secondary education. In her capacity serving in that role, Alicia was able to introduce her students to Former First Lady Michelle Obama.  Alicia had previously met Michelle through a mutual friend and met up with her again during the book tour for Becoming in Washington. Both Alicia and Michelle spoke on stage in front of 150 of Alicia’s students, who were there for the book tour. Alicia believes for today’s diverse youth, it will be seeing other transformational black female leaders like Obama that will ignite change in the law industry, as the challenges for young black women in the legal field have remained constant for decades.

Alicia, as a black millennial lawyer, understands that change must come from within institutions and outside of them for diversity to flourish in the legal field. Alicia expounds upon how legal firms, corporation, non profits and government must surrender the idea that only those educated at the most expensive schools and graduated top of their class are worth hiring. Doing so will benefit theses institutions by providing them with reliable, resilient and diverse talent.  It is Alicia’s hope that young people will see black female lawyers like Michelle Obama and up and coming Vice President Kamala Harris and be inspired to pursue careers in the fields of law and government, despite these institution’s long tradition of discriminatory hiring practices.

To learn more about how Alicia Wilson is inspiring diverse youth, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

 Black Millennial Lawyer

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