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Mentorship, Sponsorship, And Loyalty: Generational Values In The Workplace

Mentorship, Sponsorship, And Loyalty: Generational Values In The Workplace

Dr. Candace Steele Flippin is a research fellow at Case Western Reserve University. She researches the multigenerational workplace and enhancing the leadership development of women. In addition, Dr. Steele Flippin is also the author of both Generation Z in the Workplace and Millennials in the Workplace. 

“Values are principles or standards of behavior that we hold to be important. Generational values are shaped by the events that took place during when and where we were growing up. That is why Baby Boomers and Millennials often value different things in life and at work.”

Millennials in the Workplace

For Millennials in the Workplace, Dr. Steele Flippin used an independent research organization. To interview employed college students and graduates. The sample was comprised of a broad range of job roles/levels from assistant to CEO and included participants from the nonprofit, for-profit, government, and academic sectors. 

It’s important to realize that, in her findings, Dr. Steele Flippin discovered some similarities between female Baby Boomers and Millennial professionals. 

For example, both generations ranked the following 

  1. Doing well in their current role. 
  2. Making more money. 
  3. Work-life balance. 

The concept of mentorship and sponsorship 

Millennial women expect their supervisors to provide feedback and advice on their performance. This is to ensure that they are recognized for their accomplishments. 

In addition, Dr. Steele Flippin believes generational values matter in the workplace. Because they frame how professionals show up for and what they expect when they come to work.   

Dr. Steele also believes the uncertainty of societal events made Baby Boomer professionals embrace stability. In turn being loyal to the same organization. 

In contrast, many Millennial female professionals can’t seem to embrace the stability a workplace can provide.  

Lastly, as a youth, violence entered Millennial safe spaces such as schools and social settings like malls and movie theaters. And still, the generational values of these working women are again being questioned. Hence, this is due to student debt, gender wage gaps, under-employment, the Great Recession.  And the amplification of underlying voices and opinions through social media. 

What are the generational values in the workplace? 


Values In The Workplace

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