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Planning to Googlefy Your Office? Think Again

Planning to Googlefy Your Office? Think Again.

Millennials are the largest, most diverse population in the U.S. As younger Millennials land their first post-college jobs, more companies across America are following in Google’s footsteps. Hence companies are “progressively” Googlefying their offices. In hopes of attracting, retaining, and motivating this talent pool.

Google’s corporate headquarters complex is decorated with a T. rex skeleton, pink flamingos, a large Lego man, and a kids’ slide. Employees can also receive free haircuts and use old-school phone booths. Google claims that these amenities bring team members together. But clearly, they are aimed at younger employees. But the animated open-plan offices attract scattered stereotypical millennials who want it all and want it now.

What do millennials prefer?  

  • These Millennials seem team-oriented.

But they’re more focused on building friendships outside the office than genuine idea-sharing. So if you are looking for millennial team members who will grow within the organization, then please don’t Googlefy your office.  

  • Consider hiring older or more mature millennials.

Millennials with responsibilities outside of the office. They prefer the security a traditional office environment provides. You might consider your office layout antiquated. But some Millennials would consider it an environment that fosters autonomy and accountability. 

  • Lastly, Googlefied office spaces segregate and can even discriminate against other generations.

The noise that these office environments produce affects the productivity of Generation X and Baby Boomers. Additionally, today’s economy forces Millennials to work side by side with previous generations in the workplace. So legitimately talented Millennials can effectively collaborate across generations in a conventional office environment. 

Read more on why it’s a bad idea to Googlefy your office. 

Planning to Googlefy Your Office? Think Again

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