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Three Career Development Professionals Weigh In On The Recent Rise Of Job-Hopping

The Wall Street Journal defines this as job-hopping, as career development professionals choosing to spend less than two years at an organization. After that, they move to new opportunities in hopes of a higher salary. Moreover, with so many other professionals undergoing career transitions, it’s easy for one to believe a leap to pursue the job of one’s dream is simple. 

Advice to professionals for career development 

Below 3 businesswomen offer their perspectives on the recent rise of job-hopping. In addition, they encourage all professionals to set themselves up now for success in the future. 

Alissa Carpenter

Carpenter founder of Everything’s Not Ok, and That’s Ok Coaching, after over a decade in higher education. She offers professional development and career exploration coaching to companies, alumni groups, student advising units, and individuals across the country. 

Thus, Carpenter offers the following advice to fast-track their impact at an organization

  • Consistently being the “go-to” person for specific content, knowledge or a skill set will help set you apart from the rest.   
  • Talk to your supervisor and identify projects that would be considered influential. 
  • Ask to be a part of them, work hard, be a team player, and create a positive name for yourself. 

Anne Ahola Ward

She is the co-founder and CEO of Circle Click Media. She has supported the career development of her team. Ward believes fear holds many people back from changing careers and monetizing their side hustle.  

Ward’s advice: 

“Having an ego is good but having too much ego is bad for your relationships at work. Influence comes from trust and hard work; there’s no shortcut to that. ” 

Ahyiana Angel

Angel is the host of the “Switch, Pivot, or Quit” podcast. A program in which Angel shares her insight and tips to help businesswomen decide if they should switch, pivot, or quit their jobs.  

In addition, she also interviews seasoned professional women who provide clarity, practical tactics, and actionable items for personal and professional development. 

For instance, many of Angel’s listeners are diverse millennial businesswomen. She offers specific advice: 

“ Our current employment climate is in favor of the employee. There is no longer a strong negative stigma around changing careers and going after a career that feels more in line with your interest and skill set.” 

Most importantly, for those who are not quite ready to job-hop but eager to fast-track their impact at an organization, Angel encourages them to find opportunities to develop their presence outside of their company. 

Lastly, Angel adds that establishing your reputation as a leader outside the organization increases an employee’s value within a company and boosts internal confidence. 

Read the complete article for career development professionals on Forbes. 


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