‘You Live in Baltimore?’

For a number of reasons, one American city in the great state of Maryland has become a special case in places with bad reputations. Baltimore has gained a less than glowing status in the collective consciousness of American society. This could be due in large part to shows like The Wire, the national media, the city’s very real issues, or some combination of all of the above. Baltimore as a city has real problems, but so do other cities. Yet when best selling author and working mom, Christine Michel Carter tells people that she is not only born and raised in Baltimore, but raising a family there, she is met with astonishment and some degree of horror. “You live in Baltimore?” is one question Christine gets on the regular and is sick of hearing. Christine knows that her city has issues, but what she wants people to understand is that she chooses to live and raise a family there because of the lessons she has learned there.

Christine’s progressive education began as early as elementary at Robert W. Coleman elementary, a school that is currently trying meditation instead of detention. Christine’s neighbors in Park Heights encouraged her to perfect her writing skills, leading to the career she holds today. Baltimore is home to a large number of professionals like actors, scientists, professors, etc, who were also born and raised there. Christine believes that the residents of Baltimore are full of “confident humility,” which they must possess in order to defend the city from people who would disparage it. Christine describes her city as reflective of the current state of the world we live in today, “…occasionally flawed and divided, but more often genuine, straightforward and sustainable.”

To learn more about why Christine is proud to live and raise a family in her native city, read the rest of the article on Baltimore Style.

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