Young Millennials: 3 Things Make You The Worst Mom

Millennials may be the largest cohort in the U.S. but don’t be confused; they’re comprised of many subsegments. More than 22 million millennial parents live in the U.S., with about 9,000 babies born to them each day. Of those parents, millennial moms divide into two segments: young millennial moms (18-24 year olds) and mature millennial moms (25-34 year olds). Millennials born in the 80’s tended to be raised by their grandparents and more often exemplify traits their grandparents imparted onto them. Younger millennial parents display idealism in regards to their children and maintain an egalitarian household, but they are also prone to making the same mistakes as other members of their generation in regards to their parenting techniques. Millennial moms tend to helicopter during dinner time, believe their child is an exceptional student with no proof to back it up and fail to call it quits on their child’s extraneous activities even when it is clear that their child should not be enrolled in them. These mistakes cost them valuable time, energy and money and well as put added stress on their children and themselves. Recognizing and avoiding these pitfalls will help millennial moms be better parents and make things easier not just on their children and those around them, but on themselves as well.

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