2019: The Year Of The Mom Nanoinfluencer

Nanoinfluencers (or “nanos” for short) describes consumers with under 1,000 social media followers who are willing to advertise products on social media in exchange for free goods and services. A nanoinfluencer does not have the biggest presence on social media, but nevertheless is a valuable asset when it comes to marketing. Prime real estate for companies looking for nanoinfluencers is Facebook and Instagram, because of the frequency with which they are used by moms. Moms especially are incredible nanoinfluencer marketing assets, because they spend a lot of time online, upwards of eight hours and tend to have at least 24 friends whom they are in close contact with and share product information with. It is especially important to utilize moms as nanoninfluencers, because they control 85% of household purchases, and their buying power ranks in the trillions. In their capacity as the organizers of their home’s affairs and finances, as well as their role as customers, moms as nanoinfluencers have major impact despite their lack of followers. Moms decide where most the household’s money gets spent and helps direct other moms to do the same. Discover how these friendly and approachable social media unicorns can help you reach digital marketing goals.


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