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Dreame Offers Mothers Globally a Reading and Writing Book Club from the Palm of their Hand
Dreame Offers Mothers Globally a Reading and Writing Book Club
Moms are constantly juggling countless different roles: caregiver, cheerleader, teacher, and also a financial supporter. Due to the pandemic, many of these roles have now overlapped and shifted. We are now seeing a rise of side hustles and mompreneurs seeking to earn a living straight from the comfort of their homes. Luckily, there’s a woman-centered app appealing to book-lovers and aspiring writers everywhere to accommodate this new lifestyle. This app gives talented writers the opportunity to publish and monetize their work easily while building a sense of community at the same time.

Dreame is a progressive app that offers mothers everywhere a chance to escape their everyday lives with thousands of novels written by Dreame’s most popular authors. Ranking number 1 in the app store internationally, it is changing the way women read with over 100 million users in over 130 countries. 

With the pandemic putting a pause on many book clubs, Dreame has stepped in to offer a solution. The digital platform takes the reading habits of female readers and their aesthetic demands into consideration, creating a comfortable reading space for women to exchange thoughts and speak freely among each other. Many moms are facing similar situations and/or need a platform of support and Dreame provides them that.

Books are written in over 7 languages

Mothers all over the world have full access to escape from their daily life with the app’s wide-ranging pocket library, which is filled with novels encompassing all things romance, thrillers, fantasies, teen fiction, and much more. Among the many genres, Dreame offers its app users, serialized online fiction allows writers to have their readers join in on the fun, giving them the opportunity to participate in the writing process and shape the course of events in their favorite stories.

When using Dreame, users are able to not only enjoy thousands of novels written by rising authors but also write their own stories for profit, as well. Their parent company Stary provides authors the tools to take their writing to the next level and monetize their work. Once an author publishes over 3000 words, they are able to partner with Stary to create the perfect contract for them and start earning money for their written pieces. This contract includes payment and commission rates, which are always easily accessible to the writer.

Stary also provides opportunities to promote user’s stories not only to the platform itself but also to their external platforms such as Dream to reach the largest range of readership.  Additionally, the platform preps free writing guides and training courses for writers to practice their skills and improve their writing to make even better stories for their readers.

Countless women, especially mothers, have seen success with Stary, turning the occasional writing side hustle into a full-time career. With some authors making over tens of thousands of dollars a month, this app not only serves as a place to reflect and share stories but also a place to gain financial freedom. 

“Once Rejected, Twice Desired, Jaded Hearts, Reckless Regrets, and Scattered Dreams, my first four books have gotten such fantastic reviews from the readers that I know now that I want to continue writing. I’ve amassed over 6,000 followers on my Facebook fan page,” says Amber Leggett, one of Dreame’s authors making almost 6 figures monthly.