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More U.S. workers are pursuing part-time gigs. Recent reports have shown nearly 10 percent of workers have side jobs, and the Labor Department found 1.2 million more Americans were working part-time at the start of 2023 compared to previous months. A FlexJobs survey found similar interest in side jobs, with more than two-thirds (69 percent) of employed professionals stating they either have a side job or want one. To support job seekers and demonstrate the wide selection of side jobs that can be performed remotely, FlexJobs has identified 22 work-from-home side hustles for workers to consider. 

“Side hustles can be an excellent way to supplement income, experiment with new industries and career paths, grow professional networks, and support the transition into retirement,” said Toni Frana, Lead Career Expert at FlexJobs. “Fortunately with the rise of remote work, there are really no limits to the ways a person can find a work-from-home side job, and as our latest list shows, there are plenty of part-time opportunities available across career fields and levels,” Frana added.

According to FlexJobs’ career experts, a “side job” is defined as any job taken on in addition to a primary job and performed on a part-time, seasonal, or occasional basis. The 22 remote side jobs listed below: 

  • Are fully remote
  • Have active job listings
  • Can be done part time
  • Span a variety of industries and career levels
  • Include the average salary information from Payscale

22 Remote Side Jobs Hiring Now

  1. Bookkeeper ($19 per hour)
  2. Curriculum Writer ($33 per hour)
  3. Copy Editor ($25 per hour)
  4. Customer Service Representative ($15 per hour)
  5. Editor ($27 per hour)
  6. Executive Assistant ($29 per hour)
  7. Graphic Designer ($24 per hour)
  8. Health Coach ($21 per hour)
  9. Interpreter ($21 per hour)
  10. Medical Coder ($20 per hour)
  11. Online ESL Teacher ($23 per hour)
  12. Project Manager ($37 per hour)
  13. Proofreader ($19 per hour)
  14. Recruiter ($27 per hour)
  15. Resume Writer ($24 per hour)
  16. Search Engine Evaluator ($24 per hour)
  17. Social Media Manager ($26 per hour)
  18. Tech Support ($20 per hour)
  19. Test Prep Instructor ($19 per hour)
  20. Tutor ($19 per hour)
  21. Virtual Assistant ($17 per hour)
  22. Writer ($29 per hour)

For new and experienced side job seekers, FlexJobs’ career experts offer the following tips for starting a successful side hustle.

  • Time It Out – To avoid burnout or overscheduling, workers should first assess how much spare time they have before taking on a side job. Determine how much time a side hustle will really take, then how much free time they can devote to it.
  • Assess Existing Skills – Job seekers taking a remote side job in their current field likely have many of the necessary skills already. However, if workers are pursuing a side job to help switch careers, they should begin by making a list of transferable skills to help them identify which skills they have and which ones they’ll need to learn. 
  • Rebrand – Job seekers should optimize their LinkedIn profiles to be more relevant to the side work they’re seeking. Be sure to include key transferable skills, technology proficiencies, and an updated profile picture aligned with the industry.
  • Take a Test Run – Before committing to any side hustle (especially if it’s in a new field), set up some informational interviews to get the scoop on what the industry is really like. It’s also a great way to learn about any potential challenges.
  • Seek Support—It can be helpful to lean on personal and professional networks for support, especially when just starting out in a remote side hustle. They may have experience with side jobs and can offer you insights and advice. 
  • Watch for Red Flags – After starting a remote side job, keep an eye out for any red flags, such as clients that don’t want to sign a contract, are difficult to deal with, or keep changing the project’s scope.