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How Women Can Form A Diverse Support System In The Workplace

Form A Diverse Support System In The Workplace

Mentorship is critical for both Women and minorities, as they are more likely to experience impostor syndrome in the office. It’s a nagging feeling that they don’t belong. Diverse mentors can provide women and minorities with unique viewpoints to the organization that help both groups advance professionally. 

It also encourages these groups to form relationships and network with others who may not inherently understand their challenges, which can ultimately change the mentor’s perspective.  

Below, Sara Connell and Sarah Pendrick discuss the diversity of thought. How to form a diverse support system in the workplace, and how having diverse mentors is critical for women. 

Sara Connell is an author and the founder of Thought Leader Academy, a personalized online coaching program for women entrepreneurs. Sarah Pendrick is an author and the founder of GirlTalk Network- a brand focused on female empowerment. 

Is it no longer essential to seek out mentors who “look like you?” 

Finding a mentor with a similar background. Also, who has achieved what you want to achieve- with a career that “looks like yours”- can prove that a woman can do it too. It’s important to find a mentor who is seven steps ahead of you in your personal or professional goals can also help a woman make long-term career plans.   

Hence the purpose of mentorship is to support you in your growth and provide guidance. That is both personally, professionally, and towards what you envision as success. 

Mentors in industries outside of their own 

For greatest success, identify and implement the best practices in your industry. Also, bring in the best practices from other industries. This combination can make the difference between someone staying in the middle of the pack and breaking out as a leader and innovator. 

Mentorship in the workplace is critical, especially to women. It is important for women to have a mentor that we see as ourselves so that we can know “we can do it too”. 

Find diverse mentors who align with their personal values 

In mentorship, value alignment is more important than background or industry. Look for someone who’s doing it in a way that inspires you. Identify the values of your ideal mentor, and they will show up. 

Development of a woman’s personal brand 

Starting a personal brand is not only about sharing a piece of you that people can relate to or learn from. It’s also about learning from other people outside of your comfort zone so that you can build a more dynamic, empathic, and powerful personal brand 

How do women find diverse mentors amidst and after the global pandemic? 

Research shows our income, confidence, and success will reflect the five people with whom we spend the most time. Even in our post-pandemic world, we can find support groups, mentors, and inspiring peers who can help stretch us to achieve our goals. 

How Can Women  Form A Diverse Support System In The Workplace? Read more on Forbes. 


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