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Reproductive justice is “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.” As an advisory board member of Mom Congress, Christine Michel Carter is committed to reproductive justice, particularly among black moms and moms of color.

Mom Congress is the policy organization for moms in the U.S. – a mother’s membership organization that addresses the most pressing policy issues of motherhood, including what we call the “motherload” (the stress that U.S. mothers carry at higher rates than other developed countries).

Mom Congress supports many pieces of legislation throughout the year. Some of the following bills were referred to as the Moms’ Agenda and were selected for the Mom Congress Convention Advocacy Day. Nearly 200 mothers and advocates attended the Convention, Congressional Briefing, and Meetings with members of Congress in Washington, D.C., to connect and build community, to be inspired and entertained, and to learn about advocating for change. Mom Congress is thrilled to announce the passage of five pieces of supported legislation: 

Data Mapping to Save Moms’ Lives Act (H.R.1218 / S.198

This bill looks at locations in the U.S. where there are high maternal mortality rates to increase broadband access to provide telemedicine in those locations. The bill requires the Federal Communications Commission to incorporate data on maternal health outcomes into its broadband health maps. 

Mom Congress first supported the Data Mapping to Save Moms’ Lives Act in 2020. Read the White House Press Release here.  

PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act (S. 1658/H.R. 3110)

The PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act will strengthen the Break Time Law by expanding protections for lactating workers

Mom Congress first supported the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act in 2020. 

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (H.R. 1065, S. 1486

This bill requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to support the health of pregnant workers. Read more about the powerful advocacy efforts, like this Advocacy op-ed published in The Hill.

This bill was included in the Mom Congress 2022 Moms’ Agenda

TRIUMPH for New Moms Act (H.R. 4217, S. 2779

TRIUMPH calls for a temporary Federal interagency Taskforce to coordinate efforts to address maternal mental health and create a national strategic plan, including recommendations to state governors, House and Senate Committees, and relevant federal agencies to support and improve maternal mental health in the United States.

This bill was included in the 2022 Moms’ Agenda. 

Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health (H.R. 7073, S. 3824

Provides permanent mental health resources to moms across the country, from a 24/7 voice and text hotline to grants to states to support improved screening and treatment programs.

This bill was included in the 2022 Moms’ Agenda.