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Mothers Everywhere have a Chance to Make Six Figures with Stary Writing

Stary Writing

Moms everywhere are constantly trying to find a balance between home, family, work, relationships, and everything in between. They are juggling every one of their priorities and are in search of a way to not only make money but also enjoy what they are doing. That’s where Stary comes in! 

Stary is the online platform that provides stay-at-home mothers an opportunity to publish and monetize their stories, acquire a new hobby, and ultimately, establish a following of devoted readers. It has changed the lives of thousands of moms through its apps, programs, and wide community. Giving moms the financial freedom and resources to pursue their passions, this platform is changing the way women work in 2021.

Being that over 300,000 books have been written and published on Stary, reaching over 100 million readers in over 130 regions and countries, accomplished writers have a chance to make up to $100K monthly. Stary is turning passions and side hustles into full-time work and thousands have found success through their platform.

With its easy-to-use platform, contributors can see their income, followers, visitors, messages, and more right on their dashboard. Making it a breeze to keep track of financial expenses and published stories. Moms already have too much to balance so Stary wants to ease the load with its programs and dashboard. 

Among the many writers that have found success on the platform is a mother and entrepreneur named Vennia Lestari, a 29-year-old mom with an on-the-go 4-year-old daughter. She has written and published five novels and has gained over 10K readers on Stary’s reading app, Dreame. Not only are popular writers like Lestari getting the chance to be published, but newly discovered rising stars are also getting an opportunity to monetize their work through competitions and writing activities.

The Writing Academy

Stary offers many benefits to writers including cash bonuses, The Writing Academy, writing activities, and competitions. The Writing Academy gives users daily inspiration, helpful tips, and insights for future story planning and writing. This platform actively invests in each writer to become the best author and achieve their individual goals. 

Through Stary’s competitions and writing activities, users enhance their writing skills, gain readership exposure, and find community. These activities include fun competitions like the Stary Writing Camp, royal romance writing activities, young adult fiction writing activities, and much more. With genres like romance, thrillers, fantasies, teen fiction, and more, there is something for mom

Lestari is one of the many moms on the app using Stary on her own time. She often finds time to write her novels while her daughter is at school. Just taking a few hours a day so she can devote her concentration to her hobby. She has prioritized her family, met new friends, enhanced her craft, all while lifting her financial worries using this platform. 

In short, Stary wants to reach moms everywhere which is why the platform has books written in over 7 languages. This platform is giving women everywhere the opportunity to shape the course of their lives through their passions. Moms everywhere are joining in today to share their stories and grow their business right from their homes.