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By: Hassanatou Barry, Founder at The Babysitter Guru 

Can you imagine being forced by your employer to work from home because there is a global pandemic occurring taking the lives of hundreds every day and no one is allowed back into the office until further notice? Or are you faced with being furloughed or fired from a job you expected will be a steady stream of income for you and your family for the remainder of the year? So forced to work from home. Well… those scenarios are now a reality for many parents.

Both public and private schools have closed indefinitely without an opening date in sight. Our children are left to learn on their own from computer screens. Create awkward social interactions on Zoom calls once a week with classmates and remain indoors without having the fresh brisk outside air touch their tiny little faces.

In the midst of the rearrangements in schedule and overall lifestyle, parents have to keep a bright smile on their face to ensure their children everything will be alright. But are you doing a disservice to yourself?

Take a moment to check off the necessary tips you should take to balance your child’s schoolwork and give yourself a mental break:

  • Incorporate 10 mins. breaks for every 30 mins. of school work
  • Allow you and your child to have an even amount of 8 hours of sleep each night
  • Set a consistent schedule Monday through Friday to replicate their original school schedule
  • Review the itinerary for the day early in the morning during breakfast time so that they are aware
  • State time reminders for every transition into a new activity for the day (e.g. Mike, you have 5 mins. left before we begin your sight words activity)

Did you find the tips useful? If so, feel free to email me at for advice from a childcare expert.