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Best Spotify Playlists for Women at Work

I’ve decided to share (what I think are) the Best Spotify Playlists for Women at Work. They’re the ones that help me get the party started when I’m feeling extroverted around family and friends, and the playlists remind me how strong I am. I hope you enjoy them!

Left to right:

Power Moves

Mondays suck. Hump days are hard. TGIF. Inspiring, motivational tunes to help you make it through every week from nine to five.

Gym Classics

From Madonna to Rihanna and beyond, get inspired in your basement, outside, or at the gym by music’s biggest working moms of all time. Curated by the #1 global voice for working moms, Christine Michel Carter.

Tis the Season

The playlist was recommended by Christine Michel Carter for the holiday season. Personal favorites played during her annual holiday brunch.

Halloween Queen

All the favorite songs from Christine, Maya, and West’s annual Halloween party.

I hope you enjoy what I consider to be the Best Spotify Playlists for Women at Work!