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Working Moms In Music

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Here is a list curated by the #1 global voice for working moms, Christine Michel Carter just for you. And let today’s biggest Working Moms in music inspire you.

Staying Sane As A Working Mom

I call the window of 3:30 PM onwards “comatose parenting” because that’s honestly what it feels like most days. Finding the balance of what hours of the day to use for work vs homeschooling vs family time vs self-care has been insanely challenging and at times impossible. We can’t change the past. We can and should reflect to learn and grow. To dwell on things that we cannot change holds us back from living our best life.

How working moms can make life easier with an automated home

The automated home is good and practical. So get devices to ease your everyday life is a must while we juggle balancing work and family in our home. Let technology be your assistant and tech-up your home!

Album Review: Kindred The Family Soul’s ‘Legacy of Love’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Legacy of Love, their finest album to date, transcends the “neo soul” genre.  Legacy of Love is mature R&B at its finest, filled with warmth and comfort.  It can be played while enjoying chardonnay and after the kids are asleep.  A new classic, the album flirts with both Brazilian bossa nova and radical 70s soul.