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pets for children

Buying a pet is one of the most cherished experiences in most families’ lives. This animal becomes a member of the household in ways you didn’t originally think possible, and your kids love them as brand new friends that they will remember forever. 

The problems that arise when nobody is in the house, though, can get complicated. Who is going to feed the pet when you are away? Who is going to walk the pet during the day when parents are at work and kids are at school? 

Additionally, pets can get agitated if they are ignored and not given the proper care they are accustomed to. Accidents can happen, whether they are violent or otherwise. Dogs may bite when they get uncomfortable, and it is important to have dog-friendly homeowners insurance

Are pets like dogs more of a help or a hindrance to a family when both parents are working every day? We’ll cover the pros and cons of having a pet and how working mothers can juggle their kids’ desire to own a pet with the consequences when nobody is there to care for the animal.

How can you care for your pet while at work?

If you work from home, caring for your pet will be an added stressor that accompanies being attentive to your children. Scheduling breaks and lunchtimes to play with your kids, walking the dog, and running a quick errand are all part of the remote experience. 

You might feel like your head is swirling with so many people (and pets) wanting your attention. Still, you come to learn that being at the beck and call of your loved ones is more convenient than having to leave the office for emergencies or other matters that pop up during the day.

This especially applies to taking care of your pet while you are at an on-location job. Dogs and cats don’t go to school or daycare like kids, so you have to grapple with how long they can stay home alone and how they are going to be fed and relieved for bathroom breaks in your absence. 

Neglecting your pet’s needs can result in accidents on the carpet, erratic emotions, and possible costly financial fallouts of them being home alone. What if your dog is lonely and digs under the backyard fence? He could end up next door where there is a threat of him biting or hurting the neighbors.

Make sure the folks next door know about your pet’s daily habits and ask them to be patient in case they escape from the yard. If the neighbors are home during the day and enjoy being around animals, you could even give them a key to the house and spend a little fun time with them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

What if the neighbors aren’t into pets, though? Make sure you buy a dog breed or another pet that is at low risk of hurting others. This will save you money on insurance claims against you when the pet has caused an injury to somebody, and it also means that you won’t have to worry as much about whether your child will be safe around the pet. 

This might all sound we’re covering too many doomsday situations, so let’s jump to the benefits of owning a pet for you and your children. When you actually are home, the companionship and the playful energy exuded by these furry friends will put the entire family in a better state of mind. 

The pet serves as a friend for kids when they have had a bad day at school, and they don’t judge your son or daughter the way bullies do on the playground and in the classroom. The emotional payoff of owning a pet usually overcomes the extra stressors and chores that prominently distract from the experience for potential buyers. 

Why are dogs a threat to home insurance?

You may be wondering why some dog breeds are expensive to own beyond the usual suspects of feeding and veterinary care. Why would owning a dog bring your insurance coverage up in the long run? 

Depending on the breed you buy, rates will skyrocket because of the risk of your dog attacking another person outside the family and the medical bills paid for by insurance claims after an animal attack. 

If you get a dog, make sure all safety protocols are covered and understood by the household and others who live close to you. 

Consider buying an animal that won’t add these types of expenses to your coverage and will also give your children a companion. Turtles, fish, rabbits, cats, and more are all less abrasive than dogs and less prone to cost you money when they are in a bad mood around strangers. 

If you are dead set on making a dangerous breed of dog a part of your family, send in evidence to your insurance homeowners insurance agent that proves that dogs help to alert owners of dangers like intruders, fires, and flooding. 

These positives could outweigh the perceived negatives that are discussed above. 

Final Verdict on Pet Ownership for Busy Homes

In the end, owning a pet is a personal experience that everyone should decide for themselves whether it is right for them. If you are going to be gone most of the time, you need to explain to your child that pet ownership is not the right choice for the time being. 

If you decide to own a pet, choose the right one that won’t be a danger to your family or others nearby. If you live in an apartment, make sure the landlord accepts your dog breed, and choose wisely so that your insurance policies are not affected. 

Dogs that are deemed dangerous will add to your insurance premium. Consider looking for discounts, or the best home insurance for seniors, depending on your demographic.

If these drawbacks seem like they can be combated in your household, pet ownership will add a tremendous amount of joy to your life. Just be sure to consider all the possibilities carefully.

Shawn Laib writes for the insurance comparison site, He enjoys helping families understand the ins and outs of the home buying process and what decisions can affect your home insurance policy.