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Steps you can take to create better mental health during the quarantine.

Set boundaries and expectations

Whether this is with your children or coworkers, setting boundaries and expectations will relieve the pressure on you to be working at top speed. There is nothing wrong with telling the people in your life that you need space to work or hard deadlines to be the most productive.

Be kind to yourself

These are strange challenging times. It’s okay if you feel anxiety and stress; those are perfectly normal. Allow yourself to feel those emotions without guilt and know that your strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

Set a morning and night routine

This doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. Start your day with a stretch and end it with one. A small task that you can do every day creates the space to get in touch with yourself and recognize your strengths.


This also doesn’t have to take up much time in your day. Whether you meditate for 5 minutes or 15, it’s important to take time to sit and reflect upon yourself and how you feel in that matter. Look for guided meditations on YouTube if you are unsure how to start.

Reach out for support

You are not alone. 2020 has affected us in ways no one could predict. That means the worries and doubts you have, are shared by others in the community. Reach out to your support group and know that they are there to help you succeed.