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What Makes A Mompreneur Or Mom Executive Special

What is a Mompreneur

A mompreneur is a mother who is employed or operates a business. A mom executive is a mother who also manages a team of professionals at an organization. They do not necessarily have to be a business owner. Also, many working mothers are building their own personal brands while working for another company.

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Difference between a mompreneur and working mom and SAHM

The popular parenting buzzword “Working mom”, is getting a lot of negative attention these days. That is because some stay-at-home moms find the phrase alienating. The phrase “working mom” originated from mothers who worked full-time jobs in offices outside the home.

However in recent years, with the rise of remote work, flexible work, blogging entrepreneurs, and freelance creatives, many stay-at-home mothers are in fact working moms.

Even those who aren’t employed in the traditional sense, are responsible for a variety of tasks. And have transcended into “lifestyle managers” for their family. After all, it has been statistically proven.

So, what about the role parents’ influence plays in their career choices and employment journey? The answer is, people are overwhelmingly more likely to learn soft skills like kindness and empathy from their mothers than their fathers.

Regardless of if she worked in an office or not. Regardless of the title, it’s important for society to understand that ALL mothers are in fact, working mothers.

What makes mompreneurs and mom execs special

According to a Bright Horizons study, almost 85% of U.S. employees believe having working mothers in leadership roles benefits a business. The same percentage said motherhood helps women prepare for challenges she’ll face as a business leader.

Career coaching for moms

Mompreneur and Me offer mothers an important element of career coaching: networking. Nearly half of stay-at-home moms plan to network with other professionals to find new jobs. But unfortunately, 1/3 of them don’t have contacts.

Think of Mompreneur and Me as a mom and family-friendly conference or workshop.

  • For one hour, moms and their children exercise together. Doing anything from bowling to cooking classes to yoga.
  • For the second hour, the  trained childcare professionals watch over the kids.
  • And the moms work on activities to develop themselves professionally. Activities from advocating for yourself to resume writing.

In short, we work on these professional development activities to help moms develop perfect networking and communication skills. This helps moms get noticed by prospective employers. And also communicating new innovative ideas in a clear and confident way. That can set moms apart from their peers without children.