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The professional social media network LinkedIn has always been a hub for professionals to connect. LinkedIn is a great way for real estate experts to share their expertise with the world and potentially find new clients. 

Not sure how you can use LinkedIn to boost your real estate business? These easy-to-follow tips make it easier to grow your real estate business on LinkedIn. 

Writing A LinkedIn Summary For Real Estate

Three hundred seventy words are all it takes to show you are an expert in real estate and leave a great first impression. That’s where summaries come in. With a well-written summary, not only will potential clients know you and your expertise in your industry, but help you get new clients. 

Summaries are a super important element of any LinkedIn profile. While skills and reviews are important, the summary is one of the few places on your profile where you can talk directly to a potential client.

Tips to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary: 

  • Write In First Person: This is one of the few places on LinkedIn where you can get personal and talk about your journey. Make sure you write it authentically to make your summary more engaging. 
  • Tell Your Story: If you have varied experience across industries, now is the time to talk about transitioning from each of these or explain where your passion for real estate comes from. Don’t be afraid to share more about yourself. Grab attention and get personal in your summary. 
  • Be Personable: Do you have a cause or hobby you are passionate about? This is the time to share them and give your clients a chance to relate to you. By having a relatable and fun profile, you can easily attract new clients to your business.  
  • Don’t Use Bullet Points: Bullet points might be great for a resume but not for a summary. Leave the bullet points for your skills (more on that later) and focus on writing a compelling story about how and what you do. Use Keywords: Keywords are extremely important to get new eyes to your LinkedIn page. Make sure you use the right ones that your clients are looking for. You can easily incorporate a local keyword for your market to help clients find your page!

Additionally, having fun and an easy-to-read summary will more likely get attention than a standard list of skills. Don’t be afraid to get personal or highlight some accomplishments, share what makes you unique. 

Top Real Estate Skills

When you look to hire someone for a job, the required skills are one of the first places you look. Therefore it’s equally important to grow your real estate business on LinkedIn by highlighting the top real estate skills on your LinkedIn profile. These skills will help clients search for a real estate expert with your expertise. Make sure you use skills on your profile to get their attention. 

Search engine optimization can sound complicated, but it’s ensuring your website or profile answers the questions people are trying to solve. A clear example of SEO in action is the skills on your LinkedIn profile. 

The skills on your profile impact which LinkedIn searches you show up in, how many searches you show up in, and how high you show up in those search results!

Not sure what skills to list on your LinkedIn? For real estate, you will want to showcase your client’s expertise. That is why it’s no surprise that Inbound REM states these are the top real estate skills for a LinkedIn profile. 

  • Sellers
  • Relocation
  • First-Time Home Buyers
  • Investment Properties
  • Buyer Representation
  • Single Family Homes
  • Real Estate Transaction

With your real estate knowledge, you can go the extra mile for your real estate clients and list additional skills that make for an easier real estate transaction. Some additional skills you can list are graphic design, marketing, customer service, data entry, and finance. Additionally, connections can endorse your skills, and further drive your top skills and reviews to clients. 

Have Reviews/Recommendations

We all love online shopping and know how important reviews are before you make a purchase. It’s no different than when clients shop for real estate experts. Therefore having reviews and recommendations is a great way to elevate your LinkedIn Profile. 

LinkedIn endorsements are a LinkedIn feature that allows your connections to come to your profile and endorse you for certain skills by simply hitting an “endorse” button. Endorsements add validity to your online resume by backing up your work experience.

The best way to get recommendations and reviews to your page is to simply ask. Don’t be afraid to email a link to your page and ask connections you have worked with for a review. Make sure to ask former clients, other professionals, and supervisors for endorsements and reviews for potential clients to see a full range of your expertise. 

With an engaging summary, top real estate skills, and recommendations and endorsements, you are ready to market and grow your real estate business on LinkedIn via your profile. 

How to Market Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that you have completed your real estate LinkedIn profile you are ready to use your page to market your business. Thankfully LinkedIn marketing isn’t as complicated as some would make it think. Through consistent posting, networking, and a little SEO, you can easily market with your LinkedIn page. 

How To Market Your Real Estate Business On LinkedIn: 

  • Posts: There are many types of posts you can make on Linkedin to promote your business, from seller’s stories, real estate updates, or anything in between. Make sure you stick to a consistent posting schedule of 1-2 times a week and keep an active profile.
  • Hashtags: hashtags are a great way to find trending topics your customers are looking for. Interact with these posts, and use these trending keywords to attract more eyes to your page. 
  • Group Posts: There are endless niche real estate groups on LinkedIn that you can use to build your business. Join and network with other real estate professionals to help build your business. 

About the Author: Catherine Way is the Marketing Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages: Private Mortgage Note Investing. She has created content for the following industries: Marketing, Real Estate, Mortgage, Finance, Business, Real Estate Investing, and many more.