Become a modern leader. Climb the corporate ladder. Get past the broken rung.

As a woman, you may wonder how to climb the corporate ladder. You may have noticed that the corporate ladder often seems harder to climb than it does for your male counterparts. There are lots of barriers that can stand in the way of a woman climbing the corporate ladder, even in the most progressive of industries and companies.

One of the biggest problems with women advancing higher on the corporate ladder is that hiring managers and boards often tend to hire people that they are familiar. The talent pools tend to consist of the same type of people, and there is a lack of interest in searching for talent pools that would yield a broader array of talent. Without coaching that helps address these issues, these problems tend to continue.

No matter how dedicated or talented they may be, women struggle with how to climb the corporate ladder because of bias and discrimination. To break barriers and the glass ceiling, it is crucial for women in the workplace to be more assertive. Here are some of the barriers to the advancement of women wondering how to climb the corporate ladder:

  • Gender-based hiring – Some companies base their promotions on the employee’s gender. There are times when they prefer masculine people to others. 
  • The development as an individual – there are times that women have a hard time being a leader or leading a team. But it has something that women should overcome as well. 

Many women face challenges as they wonder how to climb the corporate ladder. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve success in your career. The key is to overcome unconscious bias and assumptions that hold women back. Unconscious bias refers to our tendency to judge people based on gender or race. This can be a huge obstacle for any woman trying to advance in her career because it means that she will be judged not only by her work performance but also by her gender, race, and what others assume about these factors.

Unconscious bias can be tough to overcome in the workplace and manifests as exclusion from the informal social networks that can propel men straight to the top of a company (think golf weekends, drinks with the boys, etc.). This can lead to women experiencing a disadvantage in promotion into critical positions. 

Women still struggle to advance in their jobs despite the great strides they have achieved in the workplace. The “glass ceiling,” a metaphor used to represent the invisible barrier that keeps women from rising to the top levels of management, is one of the major challenges.

For women aspiring to top GM roles, a P&L position provides clear metrics on performance, placing them on a level playing field with men. Unfortunately, women get these opportunities less often than men. Women hold fewer than a quarter of senior roles globally. While more women hold C-suite roles than in the past, many serve in functional leadership positions that typically do not lead to the CEO office. Yet, there are several measures and approaches that women and companies can follow to boost the gender diversity of their leadership teams.

Climbing the corporate ladder as a woman is difficult but far more impossible. Here are a few tips on how to climb the corporate ladder as a working mom:

1. How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Don’t be afraid to speak up.

First, it is important to make your ambitions known to your superiors.  The first step is often getting noticed by senior executives. One way to do this is to volunteer for high-profile projects or assignments that will put you in the spotlight. If you have an idea or opinion, share it with those who need to hear it. Your voice is just as important as anyone else’s in the room. By advocating for yourself, you can overcome any obstacles and reach the top of the corporate ladder.

Women should show confidence in their capabilities and learn how to speak up. Do not be afraid to share your ideas or opinions with others. Being more assertive in the workplace can help women set clear boundaries, improve their self-esteem, and earn more respect. Talk during meetings and present ideas. A key to doing this and surviving is not to mind the biases and opinions of other people. However, as time goes by, these biases are slowly changing and disappearing but are still present. 

Take risks. Speak up in meetings. Do not be afraid to share ideas with colleagues and superiors. Make yourself heard.

2. How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Network, network, network.

The new currency is now relationships. Get connected with other professionals in your field, both men and women. Attend industry events and make sure your name is out there. Try to build a network of supportive relationships with other women in the workplace. It’s also essential to build a strong network of mentors and sponsors who can help promote your career. Speak up in meetings, and take risks. Talk about your thoughts with your coworkers and higher-ups. Don’t let yourself fade into the background; speak up and make your voice known.

Connect with more women in business through networking events to build a system of support and exchange perspectives. In your personal life or organization, find a trusted mentor who can provide advice on how to climb the corporate ladder.

3. How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Be confident in your abilities.

You should have faith in your knowledge and work ethic, and as a woman operating in a realm dominated by men, you should also be aware that you bring a new viewpoint to the table. You deserve to be where you are, so own it. Walk into that meeting room with your head held high and show everyone what you’re made of. Listen to your voice. Being female adds more challenges to our professional situation. We are often in charge of personal responsibilities and frequently pressed for time. While we have plenty of challenges to overcome, we gain the most from working on ourselves. Developing our skills and talents opens doors for career opportunities and growth. 

Men often speak well about their skills and often connect with decision-makers that need them. Women are plugging into this skill-set and learning to speak in the language that markets their talent to decision-makers. Be confident in your intelligence and work ethics. As a woman in a male-dominated space, know that you can bring a fresh perspective, too. If you know that your company is lucky to have you, the people around you will know it too.

4. How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Improve your social skills to gain an advantage in every industry.

Whether or not you’re looking to learn how to climb the corporate ladder so you can become an entrepreneur, networking affects your chances. Poor social skills jeopardize the opportunity to reach out to potential customers or partners. Develop your online and in-person social skills to get a leg up on events or conferences.

5. How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Seek out mentors and sponsors.

Find someone who believes in your potential and is willing to help you reach the top. They can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout your journey. More importantly, when thinking of how to climb the corporate ladder you should keep in mind that building connections and relationships are essential. You should market yourself and build your way to achieve your goal.

Women trying to understand how to climb the corporate ladder should look for companies that already have women in key positions, high up the corporate ladder – as this suggests a company that does exclude women from the informal activities that often lead to portion. Women already in leadership positions are also more likely to look out for women under them than a male boss would do. 

6. Negotiate on your behalf of “future you.”

The point is that women aren’t expected to be assertive or ambitious. According to gender stereotypes, women are seen as gentle and consensual, so if they start negotiating, it appears aggressive. As a result, many women are discouraged from asking for raises or promotions. However, workplace negotiations can be conducted politely, and it’s possible to learn how to do it. Therefore, to grow professionally, women should start by learning how to negotiate.

Another key to success is negotiating for better salaries, raises, and opportunities. This can be not easy, but it’s important to remember that you are worth just as much as any male counterpart. The best thing women can do to strive for a corporate position is to know their worth and don’t think about what people will say. Continue to strive and contribute to the company’s overall success. Don’t be afraid to surpass your co-workers with your greatness, prove to them that women can also achieve the corporate position. Lastly, advocate for change both inside and beyond the company. Women may contribute to creating an atmosphere where everyone has an equal chance to succeed by raising awareness of injustices and striving to encourage diversity.

7. Be a team player.

When you’re trying to learn how to climb the corporate ladder, you have to be a team player for you to be able to climb the ladder that will lead you to a higher position. You have to work hard and be one of the most significant assets of the company, do all that, and all your hard work will pay off. 

Being inclusive will not only make you part of a united front, but it will also garner valuable perspectives and insights.

In most corporate workplaces, women still face many obstacles regarding advancement opportunities. Although more women are entering the workforce than ever before, they are often still relegated to lower-level positions and are paid less than their male counterparts. Moreover, women often face discrimination in the form of sexual harassment and gender bias. Despite these challenges, there are a few things that women can do to climb the corporate ladder. By taking these steps, women can create opportunities for themselves and begin to level the playing field in the corporate world.