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Mom Parenting

By: McKayla Butcher

There are so many different categories of different mom parenting styles. But you can usually find one that you really relate to. This article will help you figure out – what is your mom parenting style? 

Once you’ve figured it out, you can decide if that parenting style is hurting or helping your children. If it’s helping, then keep up the good work! If it’s hurting, maybe read about the parenting style you want to follow and work towards implementing it. 

Six Different Parenting Styles – Definitions and Examples

1. Permissive Parenting

Permissive mom parenting is typically very lenient and laid back. The parent might not follow through with discipline and consequences, and tend to let things slide. 

They often forgive quickly, and don’t hold their children accountable. They avoid stepping in until they absolutely have to. They try to be their child’s friend, as to avoid having their child being upset with them. 

Examples of Permissive Parenting:

  • Letting kids out of a punishment early if they beg or promise to behave
  • Not setting rules, or setting rules and not enforcing them
  • Being your child’s friend first, then parent

Disadvantages of Permissive Parenting:

  • Kids tend to lack accountability
  • They might experience potential struggles in school
  • They struggle with authority
  • They don’t like to follow rules

2. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents are pretty much the opposite of permissive parents. They are big on discipline and obedience. And they are not big on compromise. They are more of a “my way or the highway” kind of parent. 

They make rules and enforce them. This leaves little room for teaching children decision making, because decisions are always made for them. 

Examples of Authoritarian Parenting:

  • Saying “because I said so” often
  • Uses punishment rather than discipline
  • The focus is on raising well-behaved children at all costs

Disadvantages of Authoritarian Parenting:

  • Children tend to struggle with self esteem
  • Children might struggle with guilt
  • Children don’t get to practice decision making and problem solving

3. Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative mom parenting is the healthiest parenting style out of them all. Authoritative parents make rules, and follow through with consequences when the rules aren’t followed. However, the punishments are not physical, and the parents are more likely to take into consideration the child’s feelings and opinions. 

They also use positive re-enforcement to teach and reward their children. They put effort into teaching and guiding their children. 

Examples of Authoritative Parenting:

  • Consequences for misbehavior might be time out or taking away privileges
  • Parents use rewards or praise to encourage good behavior
  • They speak honestly and informatively to their children without being harsh

Advantages to Authoritative Parenting:

  • Kids tend to communicate effectively and appropriately
  • They become good problem solvers and decision makers
  • They are likely to become independent and responsible adults

Be sure to check out this 30 Day Mom Challenge to work towards being the best mom you can be, and practice authoritative parenting! 

4. Uninvolved Parenting

Uninvolved mom parenting is just as it sounds, uninvolved. They don’t make much time for their kids, and their mind is usually else where. They tend not to make very many rules, or give their child much guidance and direction. 

This sometimes happens when parents are just too busy with their own life to prioritize focusing on their children’s emotional or physical needs. 

Examples of Uninvolved Parenting:

  • Parents might not be aware of their children’s current struggles or accomplishments
  • They might not spend much time with their children
  • They tend not to ask their children about what’s going on in their life

Disadvantages to Uninvolved Parenting:

  • Children tend to struggle with self-esteem
  • Children might struggle with depression or loneliness
  • Children might experience behavioral problems

5. Attachment Parenting

Attachment style mom parenting focuses on developing a strong connection to your children from birth. They tend to feel empathy towards their children, and really be aware of their child’s physical and emotional well-being. 

Attachment parenting is a positive parenting style, but it can also have a few cons as well. 

Examples of Attachment Parenting

  • Moms might take part in breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, etc. 
  • Parents validate children’s feelings & help them to understand them
  • Discipline is done gently and with guidance and direction

Advantages to Attachment Parenting

  • Kids tend to be better at regulating emotions
  • Studies show that kids develop better language skills
  • Kids tend to feel safe, loved and have higher self esteem

Disadvantages to Attachment Parenting

  • Parents can be overwhelmed and not take time for themselves
  • Parents might struggle to let their kids have some freedom and independence

6. Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter mom parenting can be similar to attachment parenting, but can be a little more extreme. The difference is that helicopter parents struggle to allow their children to make decisions and gain a sense of independence.

Helicopter parents tend to fear the world, and want to protect their child from it, sometimes this carries into adulthood. 

Examples of Helicopter Parenting:

  • Parents might get overly involved with teachers, sports, etc. 
  • They might teach children to be overly cautious and be fearful
  • Parents might not let their children participate in things that other children there age do out of fear

Disadvantages to Helicopter Parenting:

  • Children don’t get the chance to practice decision making and independence
  • They might not develop important life skills
  • Children can develop anxiety and possibly depression

What parenting style do you think you identify most with?

We would love to know in the comments below – what is your mom parenting style? And don’t forget that it’s possible to be more than one. Another fun way to check your parenting style is to see if you’re a crunchy mom, silky mom, or a scrunchy mom! 

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